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Best of UV 2017: Beauty and Health


Two, four, six, eight, who do you appreciate?

We know you know the hot issues — which doctors know dem bones, whose food makes your tastebuds dance, which hair salon you would dye to go to. So what’s with all the secrets? Let’s not tip-toe around the important issues. Starting in January, share your secrets with us by voting for the Best of Utah Valley 2017. The tally ends February 28.

Vote in all eight categories here.

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129 Responses to "Best of UV 2017: Beauty and Health"

  1. Natalie says:

    Love The Lash Bar!

  2. Su says:

    The lash bar is the best

  3. Alayne says:

    Alex is an amazing microblading artist at pureza spa

  4. Cindy Beus says:

    The Lash Bar has the most talented, professional, hard working owner, Melissa Watts. Melissa only hires the best to work for her. I love the atmosphere, the service and the whole Lash Bar staff.

  5. Mary Lundahl says:

    The Lash bar is the best. I am very picky with my lashes. A single Mom Jenni is amazing, and she is a very loyal employee. I am amazed by her work. I have been doing my lashes for 7 years. I have to have the best of the best. Lash bar is the best.


  6. John says:

    Calm spa Rocks, my stylist Karli Noyes is the best. I have spent years trying to find a stylist that I can trust. Friendly, outgoing and obviously very talented at what she does she has won my business forever.

  7. Cory says:

    Kari noyes for président.

  8. Marie says:

    Megan Pernod- smith is an incredible hairstylist!! I moved out of state and have to wait for my trips to Utah to get my hair done because I can’t find any one as good. She does a great job of understanding what I want done and improving upon my description.

  9. Chelsea Evans says:

    ZUwire Fitness in Salem is hands down the best fitness center in Utah valley!

  10. Michaella says:

    I have been so lucky to have met Megan Penrod Smiith for my hair cosmetician! I’m telling you I’ve had some amazing cosmeticians over the years, but Megan is the best of the best! I’m voting for Megan Smith to be the number one cosmetician (Hair Artist) in Utah!


  11. Samantha avila says:

    Karli is seriously amazing! She always knows how to make me look fabulous she sets real expectations and will always make sure you leave happy and totally in love with your new “do”

  12. Alma Colón says:

    Meg Brown and Calm Spa are AMAZING! Meg did such a good job in matching my hair to my extensions and revitalized my hair! It’s never felt so soft!

  13. Susie says:

    Meg Brown is the best!

  14. McKenzee says:

    Love Meg!!!

  15. Kim Robinson says:

    Kandace Dayton at Calm in Pleasant Grove is an artist with hair and beauty!

  16. Courtney says:

    Elle Baker’s work is amazing!!!

  17. Brett says:

    Megan you’re doing awesome, keep up the great work we love coming to you, you’re always developing your talents and it shows by your post and the clients that respond to you. Developing your talent is what it’s all about

  18. Liz says:

    Kandace Dayton has an artist’s eye for both color and style, A natural talent!

  19. Jenny says:

    Karli Noyes has a way of making me feel so much more confident in myself after getting my hair done! Very talented, and so great with everyone!

  20. Brooke Johnston says:

    Karli Noyes is amazing at what she does. She helped me choose a hair style that I loved and that worked for me.I have had so many people ask me where I get my hair done and I confidently respond, “Karli Noyes of course!”. Best stylist I’ve ever had.

  21. Erika says:

    Elle Baker for the win!

  22. Kristy says:

    Megan Penrod Smith performed a miracle! She fixed my sad, messed up, super-damaged hair and gave me awesome color and a great style. I have a confidence I haven’t had in years because I finally feel like I have the right style and color for me. Megan knows her stuff!!

  23. Bo says:

    Salon précis does the best job on my brows!!

  24. Allison says:

    Salon Precis does the best on brows hands down!

    • Olin says:

      In the words of Macho man Randy Svage—Salon Précis is the “Best there is… past, present and future! Ohhhhh yeahhh!


  25. Paula says:

    Salon Precis does the best job with brows.

  26. Paula says:

    I love salon precis

  27. Annalysa says:

    Love mandalyn academy for all the things they do!!

  28. Taylor says:

    Salon Precis, best brows EVER!!

  29. Melanie says:

    No doubt the best place for brow maintenance! Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

  30. Otianna says:

    I love it and will recommend my family and friends

  31. Perla says:

    Love mandalyn academy

  32. Ashley says:

    I love Mandalyn Academy!!! Best place ever and amazing prices!! ❤️

  33. Svetlana says:

    Best group of brow artist ever!

  34. KJ says:

    Salon Précis is AMAZING!! If you need your brows done, go there. Waxing, tinting, microblading.. They do it all! I would reccomend them to anyone!

  35. Colleen says:

    Salon Précis is hands down the best for brows!!! Friendly staff and very clean facility!!!

  36. Best brow bar along with professional customer service. They love what they do!

  37. Heather b says:

    Salon Precis is THE place for brows! Allana is the brow queen!

  38. April says:

    Madelyn at Precis Brows is THE BEST microblading specialist!! She’s so fabulous at what she does! I love her enthusiasm for creating her clients only the best Brows! People always compliment me on my brows- they say they’ve seen some of other people’s and mine are the best they’ve ever seen! She’s ANAZING! ♥️♥️♥️

  39. Caitlin says:

    Salon Precis is Amazing!!! I would totally recommend anyone looking for great brows to go here!!!

  40. Blair says:

    Aesthetica is amazing!! Love the laze hair removal, Botox, and cool sculpting. Morgan is so good! Staff is always friendly and very helpful:)

  41. Alissa says:

    I loved salon précis!!!

  42. Hollie says:

    Salon Précis! Shelby and Alanna are THE best at what they do!

  43. Leni Rivera says:

    Salon Précis Best Ever!

  44. Andrea Braithwaite says:

    Hermes crossfit is a great place to workout. Very clean and friendly they treat you like family. The coaches are very educated and help each person on their own fitness level.

  45. Heidi says:

    Gio is the most amazing hair stylist!! I leave every time amazed at how awesome my hair cut and color look. I have already recommended most of my family and friends and will continue to do so!

  46. Scott says:

    Seth Freakin Berbert is the best Gym owner on earth!

  47. Ana says:

    I love Aesthetica!

  48. Stephanie says:

    Salon Precis is THE best brow salon. Hands down!!

  49. Francesca says:

    Salon Précis!!! Karli for the win! Not very fond of Meg Brown (she told me to be quiet when I was laughing at the shampoo bowl, so rude).

  50. Jacquel says:

    Salon Precis is the BEST! Highly recommend! Your brows will be life changing!!

  51. Wendy says:

    I love what they’re doing at Salon Précis! Kendall has worked miracles on my brows!! Thank you! Thank you!

  52. Kate says:

    Simply Skin & Laser is the best & only place for your laser hair removal needs, permanent cosmetics, & medical spa needs!!

  53. Julie says:

    Cloud 9 is fantastic. The stylists are very skilled and it’s a great atmosphere. I love my hair every time!

  54. Laura says:

    Salon Précis for brows. NO ONE is better.

  55. Denice Maestas says:

    Cloud9 best salon in utah

  56. Alicia says:

    The Lash Bar has the best lash artists in Utah! The girls are all wonderful, and I love how modern and fresh the place looks!

  57. Becca says:

    Cloud 9 Salon is fantastic!

    Brooke is the best stylist, she does a beautiful job on color and when I want something funky she makes my hair look fantastic. Couldn’t ask for a better person who listens and does the BEST ever.

  58. Cindy says:

    Christie Beus at Amara Day Spa in Lehi is the best esthetician! My brows have never looked better! Loving her facials, waxing, etc …

  59. Jessica says:

    Alma Ruiz, at Acaydia she’s my to go to girl she’s amazing at everything she does and the only one I trust with my brows!!!! I absolutely love her!!!!!!

  60. Diana Binks says:

    My absolute favorite place ❤️❤️❤️

  61. Brandee says:

    I have done soooo many lash fixes and rehabilitations from the Lash Bar, I quit keeping count 🙁

  62. Kirsten says:

    Salon Précis has perfected the art of BROWS!!! Yes people, there is an art to eyebrows (who knew) and they are best in the game! I highly recommend Kendall. She’s a perfectionist and a natural. If anyone is thinking about microblading/ waxing your eyebrows, Salon Précis is the spot!!!

  63. Whitney says:

    the lash bar is basically the only local bar where I don’t get ID’d, bishop-approved, and I look better minus the beer goggles! 🙂

  64. Aliyeh A. says:

    I went to school at Acaydia School of Aesthetics and I absolutely loved it there! The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. Honestly they have the best instructors and because of this I trust the students doing the the treatments.

  65. Bobby says:

    Very professional. Great atmosphere. Unmatched results.

  66. Jan says:

    American Beauty Academy is an awesome beauty school!

  67. Mariah says:

    Favorite Beauty School: Acaydia School of Aesthetics. I’ve been there several times and love it more and more each time I go. I can’t tell the difference between students and professionals; they’re all so, so good.

  68. Holly says:

    The Lash Bar is AMAZING!! Melissa definitely takes care of her clients and makes sure she has the best quality in the business. <3

  69. Rosie says:

    Lash Bar is amazing! I have only had professional technicians and they always get me fit in when I need a fill. They know what they are doing – my lashes are still strong and healthy even after months of lashes. You feel absolutely gorgeous from when you first step into The Lash Bar and it just stays with you through the entire experience.

  70. Sarah Coddington says:

    Deb Vargas at Mandie Sue Salon in Lehi, Utah is the best at Balyage.

  71. Susan Stepp says:

    I’ve had a few photo facials done and Acaydia is the best!!

  72. Susan says:

    I have had a fantastic experience at Acaydia Spa and School of Aesthetics!!!! There students are amazing, well trained and professional! I received fantastic treatments for an amazing price! Definitely worth a try!!!

  73. Susan says:

    I received amazing services for a fantastic price. Students are well trained, professional and courteous! Definitely worth a try!

  74. Lynn says:

    Acaydia is great!!! I liked the experience and will go again.

  75. Karen Holvey says:

    Debbie Jensen from the Permanent Cosmetics Clinic does the most beautiful brows and there permanent!

  76. Lacey says:

    Afton af Mandie Sue Salon is the best!

  77. Tamera says:

    Debbie at Permanent Cosmetics Clinic is the absolute best at eyebrows!

  78. Jon says:

    Brinae Bogdan is the next Utah Hairstylist Champion!!!

  79. Mariela says:

    Deb at Mandie Sue salon is the best hair stylist! Her work is amazing! Go see her you will love you did!

  80. Brooke says:

    Amara Day Spa! 🙂

  81. Shelley says:

    Was sad they didn’t have a catagory for Permanent Makeup like they used to……Britney Ford is far and away the best there is for it!!! She is at Amara.

  82. Kim says:

    Britney Ford best permanent makeup!!!

  83. Kim says:

    Where is the Permanent Makeup category? Britney Ford hands down!!!

  84. Jo says:

    ‘d Brisa at Acaydia

  85. Shay says:

    McKenzie Fraughton is amazing!

  86. Becky says:


  87. Whitney says:

    Jill Johnson is the best!!!!

  88. Kathy says:

    Tiffany Johnson at Amara day spa is the best at cut and color, I’ve done hair myself for 20 years and she is the only other hairdresser I would let touch my hair. She really knows her stuff!

  89. Lacy Larsen says:

    I’m an Amara Day Spa for LIFER!!!!!!!!!!! I moved to TX for four years…worse four years of my life for my spa needs!!!!!!! Love and adore Leigh…she’s ahhhhhmazing!!!!

  90. Cheri says:

    Jill Johnson @ Amara Day Spa is amazing!! Highly recommended!

  91. Karly Brady says:

    I love amara!!!!!

  92. Tyffani says:

    We have an integrative massage clinic which has been in Utah county for 12 years. Unfortunately for us, and for anyone who needs our team’s expertise and hasn’t found us yet, there doesn’t appear to be a category for us! There are multiple categories for beauty in the “health and beauty” section. Some for larger businesses such as a spa, and various types of individual services. May I suggest, and request that our service industry be added to this contest? Thank you for your time and consideration.

  93. Aaron says:

    LASH BAR takes me to my happy place. Viva la Lash Bar!

  94. whitney says:

    I love The Lash Bar! Classy place! I wouldn’t go anywhere else

  95. Andrew says:

    The lash bar need more locations, so they can make more women happy and more men poor – I also like the dead Zebra on the floor – wait it’s a cow! @lashbarutah

  96. Alice says:

    The Lash Bar does amazing work and has the cutest swag too!

  97. Ginger says:

    Sydnee was great, I have a ton of lashes and she filled every one of them. She was super cute and I could tell she was knowledgeable about the product and loved what she does. Her passion made the difference! I love the Lash Bar and the cute vibe the whole studio has. Definitely the only place I will go to get my lashes done in Utah!

  98. Becky Jensen says:

    Calm Spa is hands down the best. Jessica is a genius and has created one of the best salons in Utah in such a short time. Would highly recommend.

  99. Shauny Haddy says:

    Jill Johnson is so Amazing! I found her when I was coming in every week to get my hair ready for my company photo shoot. The day I met her, she was so sweet and hilarious! Plus the beauty of her heart and soul matches her face! I told her that I was her new best friend.. she laughed. But ever since she has transformed my hair into something so extremely beautiful. I come at least once a week to get my hair done by Jill Johnson. Sometimes twice a week. Just to see and talk to her plus get my hair done. She is my Heaven from my crazy life!! Just love her❤❤❤

  100. Alisa schmidt says:

    Love cahoots!

  101. Haley Steele says:

    Awesome program! Love it!

  102. Brady Silva says:


  103. Chelsea B says:

    LOVE Calm Spa and Salon. Jess is the best waxer!

  104. Danielle says:

    Cahoots is a great place to get in shape while taking great care of your babies!

  105. Jessie says:

    Calm Spa and Salon is my absolute favorite place to get waxed and I’ve been to a TON of different places!

  106. Marisa Martinez the best estilista on the blue wig salon

  107. Fabiola says:

    Marisa Martínez from The Blue Wig Salon is absolutely the best hairstylist there is!!! I do not trust anyone else. She really cares about her clients and her work is AMAZING ❤️.

  108. Pilar Valdivia says:

    Mariza Martinez at the blue wig salon is the best of the best .

  109. Christian Villegas says:

    Blue Wig Salon in Pleasant Grove is the best salon in the valley! Marisa the owner is amazing and talented! Affordable but quality work! no one can beat it!

  110. Emilee says:

    Zuwire is an amazing gyn!

  111. Rosario says:

    Marisa Martinez ..!
    has a good talent and she is the best hair stylist I have ever known

  112. Madison says:

    Megan Penrod smith is so talented and amazing ! Every salon she has been at she achieves and does well ! Never leaving her ! I trust her with everything and never been dissapointed

  113. Noah McQuivey says:

    Megan Pernod Smith is a over the top, extra mile, great hairstylist at Calm Spa and Salon. I’ve been to many hairtstylists and haircuts like Great Clips, Amara, sports clips, and I’ve never had a haircut so good before. My haircut feels so cleaned up and fresh. Considering I’m a guy, I LOVE my hair, and I like it done right. She always does it EXACTLY the way I like it, and with a outstanding attitude. I speak for myself, and I approve Megan Penrod Smith.

  114. Taran M. says:

    Megan Smith has been doing my hair for nearly 5 years now and she does an amazing job every time! She just keeps getting better and better. She is great at listening to what her clients want and then delivering. Not only has she perfected her craft, but she is just an all around cheerful and sweet person that I look forward to seeing every month.

  115. Libby D says:

    The Lash Bar is absolute best eyelash extensions (and so much more) I have EVER been to!
    Not only is their customer service outstanding but every lash artist does a phenomenal job every single time. I so look forward to my lash appointments!! Such a personable experience and I leave with a perfect set of lashes. Thanks so much to The Lash Bar for always exceeding my expectations!!

  116. Courtney Belcher says:

    Best eyelashes hands down! I have used many different salons in the last 5 years and finally found the best! The Lash Bar is my favorite!

  117. Amanda says:

    The Lash Bar is incredible! They are the best out there when it comes to lashes and anything else you may want. And the owner is a total babe.

  118. kailani says:

    Reasons why I love the lash bar…. Everyone there is very welcoming and makes you feel like family, They always do and an amazing job,They make you feel you have know each other for years, And they fast and efficient!

  119. Ari says:

    The lash bar is where i go for a pick me up. And I leave with amazing lashes and a smile on my face!

  120. Mariah says:

    I love the lash bar! They make me happy and beautiful what more could you ask for?

  121. jessica says:

    I love the lash bar couldn’t ask for a better place to go to!

  122. Ashlee says:

    The Lash Bar is by far the best place to go to get your lashes! Melissa is who I go to. She is very thorough in her work. I am super picky because I have had bad experiences. She has always done amazing. You pay for what you get-I promise she is worth it!

  123. Hillary says:

    The Lash Bar! Melissa is my go-to girl! Fabulous location, incredible results.

  124. Lauren says:

    The Lash Bar is the must go to place for your lashes, ESPECIALLY if you love volumes! They have the best girls and perfect environment.

  125. Samantha Smith says:

    THE LASH BAR hands down is the best!!! Clean and gorgeous environment and truly amazing talent. The owner Melissa Watts is a rockstar and has done an incredible job on this place!

  126. Vanessa says:

    The Lash Bar FOR SURE!!
    Jennie is unbelievably great! She’s gentle, fast and done how knows exactly what my eyes need. They also last well into my next fill. I wouldn’t go any where else and I only settle for the best. Jennie is truly wonderful. Just love this place!

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