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Provo’s 2017 goals: Keep Provo prosperous

This year Provo will tackle parking problems with new vigor, start working on expanding the airport’s terminal, turn BRT critics to fans, work on a city center solution, and more. In front of the largest crowd ever for a Provo State of [...]

New app will get help to heart-attack victims faster

Your wife, husband, friend, co-worker, stranger standing next to you in line collapses — it’s a heart attack. You pull our your phone and call 911, then wait. You don’t know CPR or how to use an AED. But what if there were a way [...]

Provo City Council considering new system for their raises

Imagine this: It’s your job to determine how much you should be paid. You’ve got to publicly discuss and defend that amount, then vote on it. That process may be one of the reasons the Provo City Council hasn’t changed its [...]

Going up: 5 reasons 2016 was a good year for Utah Valley

It’s no secret that Utah Valley is growing by leaps and bounds, and 2016 didn’t disappoint. The LDS Church opened a new temple, cities built new parks, developers announced the reinvention of existing shopping areas and UTA is working [...]

Christmas countdown: United Way’s Sub for Santa program still needs help

Donors have helped more than 1,300 families, with 3,911 kids. But as of Tuesday, 78 families who’d applied for help from United Way’s Sub for Santa program still needed sponsors. Every year for more than 35 years, United Way of [...]

Out with the Malt Shoppe, in with burritos

Stan’s east of BYU. Brand X in Springville. Magleby’s at Village Green in Provo. And Malt Shoppe, a fixture of University Avenue for decades. But now they’re all gone. It’s been more than a year since Provo’s landmark [...]

The Mix — formerly Plumtree Shopping Center — moves ahead in Provo

In March, the struggling Plumtree Shopping Center got some good news. It had been sold, and it was going to be redeveloped. Since then, the new owners and city have been working behind the scenes to get the project moving — and now it can. On [...]

Phantom dumper seeping funds from Orem with illegal dumping

Orem‘s phantom dumper is still hard at work. The city got a break the week of Thanksgiving. But on Tuesday, the dumper was back at it — dumping some kind of natural, fibrous waste down one of the city’s manholes. The dumping has [...]

New mountain bike course coming to Provo

Mountain bikers will have a new place to ride in Provo come spring, when the city finishes a course at Slate Canyon Park. City crews started working on the beginning to intermediate course earlier this fall. City officials had hoped it would [...]

Lip hair, I care: Orem raising awareness for men’s health in ‘Movember’

You might have noticed some men growing out their facial hair this month. But it’s not because they’re lazy or want to keep their faces warm — they’re trying to raise awareness of men’s physical and mental health issues. [...]

Provo Mayor Curtis: No third term for me

Provo Mayor John Curtis announced Tuesday morning that he won’t run for a third term as mayor. In a video message posted on his blog, Curtis said he’s thought hard about another term. “After almost a year of heavy deliberation, [...]

It’s getting spooky: Halloween happenings around Utah Valley

On Friday night, Lehi’s Legacy Center will be full of adults and kids decked out in their Halloween costumes. They’ll be playing games, collecting candy around the movie-themed track, getting a little scared in the family-friendly [...]

Provo Student Project encourages students to engage, not just vote, in elections

One day Collyn Mosquito was sitting in a government class at BYU and an idea sparked — he could do something to get more students politically engaged. From that idea, he started The Provo Student Project. “I wanted to create this project [...]

Body cams coming for Provo police

Traffic stops, field interviews, investigative contacts, adversarial situations, when helping stranded motorists — these are all times when Provo police officers should be using their new body cameras. On Tuesday night the Provo Municipal [...]

Orem ranked No. 2 best city for trick-or-treating in 2016

With almost perfect temperatures, lots of kids and low crime rates, Orem is ranked as the No. 2 spot in the country for trick-or-treating this year. “I think Orem’s a great place to trick-or-treat,” said Pete Wolfley, an Orem [...]

Orem seeking manhole grease dumper

For the last few months, every Thursday someone is dumping huge amounts of grease and fat down a manhole in Orem. The gunk ends up at the city’s water reclamation plant, where it damages equipment. “About once a week, a huge wave [...]

Provo Promise aims to help every Provo kid go to college

A child of immigrants who’s worked hard in school but her family can’t afford to pay for college. A girl whose single mother struggles with MS. A child whose mother was deported when he was 5. A boy who needs a mentor and financial [...]

University Place plans free week of events for The Orchards opening

Indoor and outdoor play areas for kids, green space, choreographed water fountains, pavilions, seating — these are all part of the large new park, called The Orchard, opening Oct. 3 at University Place. The park borders the exterior of the [...]

Free Swap: Give away, find, connect with community

Have things sitting around your house that you don’t need? But you haven’t had time to haul them to the thrift store? Or does listing them in online classifieds seem overwhelming? Maybe you’d rather give them away for free, [...]

Timpanogos Storytelling Festival changing location, dates

This year’s Timpanogos Storytelling Festival will be the last at Orem’s Mt. Timpanogos Park. After 27 years in the city, organizers announced this week that the festival will move to Thanksgiving Point in Lehi. The festival, founded [...]