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Faces of Fitness: The Trainers

Zac and Kami Price first started training clients in the garage of Zac’s dad (artist Gary Price). As their reputation and business grew, the duo opened Energy Explosion in Spanish Fork. Their clientele now ranges from elite athletes to a [...]

BusinessQ Roundtable: It’s the Law

Most commonly asked question they hear is, “Do I need a lawyer?” Yes, yes you do. Meet 5 of the best. Jeanette Bennett, BusinessQ: Describe the legal environment in Utah County. Bill Fillmore, Fillmore Spencer: In Utah, there’s a fairly [...]

The Short List: 6 more people worthy of Person of the Year

As Utah Valley Magazine kicks off 2017, we’re naming John Curtis as our second annual PERSON OF THE YEAR. We also created a “short list” of other contenders on sticky notes, whiteboards and email chains. We narrowed, debated and ultimately [...]

Person of the Year: Provo Mayor John Curtis

When John Curtis was sworn in as Provo mayor seven years ago, his downtown office had forest green carpet, outdated furniture and wood paneling. It didn’t feel like “him,” so John went to work rebranding the office. He painted the blue [...]

Highland’s Debora Fletcher is raising 10 children on stewardship and love

Debora Fletcher lives in a spacious house in Highland where she raises 10 children (eight boys, two girls) and oversees Sustainable Families, a nonprofit, internationally active organization she founded less than a year ago. But this isn’t [...]

BusinessQ Roundtable: In the market

Four experts sat down with Utah Valley BusinessQ Editor Jeanette Bennett to talk marketing solutions. These four experts produced tips about product development. Spoiler alert! Don’t you dare be slow or perfect. Jeanette Bennett, BusinessQ: [...]

Point of Christmas: Thanksgiving Point’s Luminaria is Utah County’s best Christmas pageant ever

For 20 years, Thanksgiving Point has harvested its best for Utah Valley in all seasons. Springtime tulips? Check. Summertime top-quality golf? Fore! Gorgeous fall foliage and family corn-mazery? Guilty. The local icon, founded by Alan and [...]

Culinary Comfort: Head pastry chef at Thanksgiving Point sweetens Luminaria

Tenaya Gappmayer grew up in Lake Shore eating delicious food cooked and baked by her mother. When Tenaya turned 20, she moved out of Utah Valley and traveled around the United States. Along the way, she experienced the foods, pastries and dishes [...]

First look: 5 mind-boggling historical details from the Roots of Knowledge

Roots of Knowledge will claim its home at Utah Valley University’s library on Friday, Nov. 18, but the seed for this 80-panel, 60,000-piece glass installation was planted more than 12 years ago as artist Tom Holdman began growing an [...]

Head of the glass: Tom Holdman’s 12-year-old glassy idea lights UVU with Roots of Knowledge

One of the top newspapers in the United Kingdom, The Guardian, has called it “one of the most spectacular stained glass windows made in the past century.” President Matt Holland has dubbed it the most visual emblem to date of UVU’s commitment [...]

How 8 Mormon maternal feminists are influencing global policy this week in Ecuador

Eight LDS women are heading to the Habitat III conference in Ecuador on Wednesday to represent Provo-based Big Ocean, which has been promoting faith, family, maternal feminism and motherhood in United Nations settings and home cottage meetings [...]

Elder Holland’s dedicatory prayer on Light of the World sculpture garden at Thanksgiving Point

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints dedicated the Light of the World sculpture exhibit at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi on Saturday, Sept. 24, 2016, in a standing-room [...]

75 reasons we love UVU

For 75 years, UVU has evolved and engaged, transitioned from “the tech” to “high-tech,” and garnered accolades and an academic reputation. Now with the largest student body in the state, Utah Valley University is putting the cap and [...]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 1 Younique

You can’t makeup this story. Derek Maxfield was enjoying the fruits of a successful software exit when he kept percolating ideas of how to uplift, empower and validate women. Maxfield and his sister Melanie Huscroft combined their beautiful [...]

Fraser Bullock: A Lifetime of Achievement

Fifteen years ago, Fraser Bullock was “all in” at his Olympic post where he and Mitt Romney were salvaging a reputation and planning the most heralded Winter Games ever. “Josh James called me up and said he was really struggling with [...]

How I Became Known as ‘The Next John Bytheway’

Fast-talking Hank Smith has 17 CDs of his famously funny and gospel-packed messages especially for youth. But he also “speaks adult” as a corporate trainer and headline speaker at BYU’s Easter Conference and RootsTech. But this father [...]

State of the art: Angela Johnson sculpts Christ’s life in Thanksgiving Point’s Light of the World Garden

This is one of a five-story series, “Empower Hour,” for Utah Valley Magazine. Growing up on a dairy farm in Montana, Angela Johnson was inspired by the classical music her mother played in their home. She heard “the power and freedom” [...]

2017 Mutual Theme announced

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced the 2017 Mutual theme in a letter dated Aug. 1, 2016. LDS youth will focus on James 1:5-6 throughout 2017. “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all [...]

Rise and route: Fan-Player-Coach journey leads Kalani and Timberly Sitake to first-and-10

Kalani Sitake’s journey lines him up as a BYU fan, then Cougar running back and now head football coach — but his favorite team is at home. When Kalani and Timberly Sitake’s only son, KK, was younger he would avoid eating dinner because [...]

BusinessQ Roundtable: Run for the money

Jeanette Bennett, BusinessQ: Describe the funding environment in Utah County. Ed Sanches, Central Bank: From the banking perspective, it’s very robust. With the deposit growth the banks have seen over the past four years, banks are willing [...]