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Snapshots of the heart: From covers to lovers

Utah Valley Magazine readers may recognize these lovers. In 2006, Kelly Hennessey was one of our “high schoolers who will change the world.” She told us her dream job was “working as a successful actress,” which she fulfilled with a [...]

Snapshots of the heart: With all their hearts

Each morning before he leaves his Saratoga Springs home for work, Shaun Oldroyd says goodbye to his wife, Stephanie, with a kiss and an “I love you.” Stephanie knows he is sincere, unlike years before when his drug addiction would cause [...]

8 ways LDS women gained a more prominent role under Sister Linda K. Burton’s presidency

While 2017 marked the 175th Anniversary of Relief Society, it also marked the release of the Relief Society general presidency. Relief Society General President Linda K. Burton and her counselors, Sister Carole M. Stephens and Sister Linda [...]

Temple timeline: President Monson announces 5 new temples; progress report on 182 worldwide temples

President Monson announced five new temples in the Sunday morning session of general conference: Brasília, Brazil; Greater Manila, Philippines; Nairobi, Kenya; Pocatello, Idaho; and Saratoga Springs, Utah. The announcement comes after [...]

Snapshots of the heart: The sound of the heart

The grand piano in the family room of the Buckners’ Highland home is more than a musical instrument. It’s the spot where a 14-year-old musical genius composed masterpieces. It was his refuge and place of solace as he battled depression [...]

BYU basketball’s Zac Seljaas returns home from LDS mission

For fans still disappointed with the end of the Cougars Men’s Basketball season, a glimmer of hope arrived in an Instagram post from BYU guard Nick Emery. Emery posted a photo welcoming home Zac Seljaas from his LDS mission. Freshman [...]

Snapshots of the heart: Not for the faint of heart

The story of the Gonzalez family began on a day known for love — Valentine’s Day — although this love story took a more complicated route than “be mine.” Aaron and Lexi Gonzalez met on February 14 as juniors in high school and, [...]

Snapshots of the heart: Putting heart into homes

It began on an April day in Salt Lake City when Greg Adamson and his roommate planned a barbecue. They had the buns and burgers, but knew it wouldn’t be complete without girls. So the guys went around the apartment complex inviting girls [...]

Behind the scenes: The Fab 40 photoshoot must go on

When we turn on the lights and prepare the cameras for our Fab 40 photoshoot, the action takes place with multiple poses. Our Fab 40 gave us multiple magazine-worthy shots, but we can only print one photo in the magazine. We’ve raised [...]

2017 Fab 40: Ang Black

Age: 53 City: Birdseye Casting call Some say Ang is a palm reader, but she prefers the term interpreter. “Every person has their own answers, and I have learned ways to help them find those answers.” Ang is well known for having spot-on [...]

2017 Fab 40: Janis Farnsworth Lindley

Age: 52 City: Orem Casting call This self-proclaimed lifelong learner enables other women to receive an education while pursuing her own degree in human development and family studies. As scholarship chair of the UVU Women’s Success Advisory [...]

2017 Fab 40: Stephen Mongie

Age: 49 City: Provo Casting call Every Thanksgiving, Stephen reflects on the 1991 evening he arrived at a nearly-empty JFK. “Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because I am so grateful to be in this country.” After converting to the LDS [...]

2017 Fab 40: Janeen McFadden

Age: 53 City: American Fork Casting call Janeen has been with Giant Steps Autism Preschool since it started in 1997 and is now the program supervisor. Some of her students are high school graduates in college or creating a career. The show [...]

2017 Fab 40: Nikki Dabrowski

Age: 24 City: Cedar Hills Casting call Nikki began to cradle her love of lacrosse at Lone Peak High and continued through her BYU years. She’s now facing-off with her second season as head coach of BYU’s women’s team. The show must go [...]

2017 Fab 40: Rachel Farnsworth

Age: 31 City: Lehi Casting call Rachel cooks up success with her blog and YouTube channel, The Stay At Home Chef, where she shares restaurant-quality recipes. When a commenter said gray hair made her look like an “old hag,” Rachel responded [...]

2017 Fab 40: Dr. Tom Judd

Age: 69 City: Draper Casting call Although Tom says he is no longer a doctor (he retired in January), more than 26,000 babies in Utah Valley will always call him their delivery MD. “I could fill the Marriott Center with my babies.” His [...]

2017 Fab 40: Carolyn Billings

Age: 48 City: Provo Casting call Carolyn always dreamed of being a basketball player, but after she was hit on her bicycle and broke her leg, she found a new career — athletic training. She started at BYU in the athletic training program [...]

2017 Fab 40: Brittany Jepsen

Age: 34 City: Provo Casting call When Brittany would go out to eat with her dad, he always made the reservation under Lars, causing the kids to giggle. That inspired the name of her creative website, The House That Lars Built, garnering close [...]

2017 Fab 40: Bud Poduska

Age: 78 City: Saratoga Springs Casting call Bud grew up homeless and hitchhiking around the western states with his family and sleeping under newspapers and cardboard. After being declared functionally illiterate, an English teacher mentored [...]

2017 Fab 40: Katie Terry Corbridge

Age: 39 City: American Fork Casting call An auto accident in 2002 left Katie with a broken back and paralysis from the hips down. But Katie didn’t let her disability stop her. The mother of two has climbed Machu Pichu, competed in hand [...]