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Al’s Sporting Goods coming to University Place in fall 2017

Al’s Sporting Goods is moving into the old Sports Authority location at University Place. (Image courtesy Orem City) Al’s Sporting Goods anticipates it will open its second store location at University Place in fall 2017, University [...]

8 design tips for maximizing your office space

Need a bright spot? Jane’s office overflows with colorful, creative touches. And the fiery fun continues with foosball, pool and video game rooms. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst) For spaces that are startup to spacious — try these office design [...]

2017 Headliner of the Year: DevMountain

DevMountain founder Cahlan Sharp says he is grateful for his change in career: “The most amazing part of this journey has been students telling us DevMountain changed their lives. In Dallas we worked with a refugee service that offers scholarships [...]

Beyond email: New service helps parents listen to their LDS missionary’s experiences

(Photo courtesy Mormon Newsroom) The idea is simple: On P-days, a missionary calls a toll-free number, talks to a machine for five minutes, then hangs up. A link to the recording is then emailed to the missionary’s friends and family. The [...]

2017 Marketer of the Year: Harmon Brothers

“Working with family is great. We understand each other quickly. We coordinate things well. And whenever a heated blow-up comes along, it’s over in an hour and then we can get lunch like nothing happened. Because we’re family, there’s [...]

Lifey breaks video journaling down to digestible bite-sized clips

Alex Balinski founded Lifey, a format that allows people to share their life stories through video in an easy-to-consume manner, so that people would have an affordable way to record and share their life history. (Photo by Rebecca Lane/UV360) Journaling [...]

2017 Entrepreneur of the Year: Kevin Auernig, Sodalicious

“A law suit is like a roller coaster,” says Sodalicious Founder Kevin Auernig on being sued by St. George-based Swig over using the word “dirty.” “There are moments of intensity and moments where it feels flat. The best [...]

2017 Company of the Year: Jane

“People can read these kinds of articles and think we’ve got it all together — that we’re kicking butt and taking names. We’ve got tons of issues we’re constantly working through, and we’re always collecting feedback from our employees, [...]

Nu Skin embraces the madness, maintains employee productivity during NCAA basketball tournament

Nu Skin invited the Utah Jazz Dunk Team to its office in Provo, Utah on Wednesday to kick off its March Madness celebration. (Photo by Rebecca Lane/UV360) Once brackets are set and the NCAA tournament bounces into action, March Madness takes [...]

2017 Executive of the Year: Truman Hunt, Nu Skin

“I learned about a little company creating nutritious food for starving kids around the world. the folder sat on my desk for weeks until I realized how many children had died during that time,” says Truman Hunt. “I took Blake (Roney) [...]

A snapshot into photographer Justin Hackworth’s life

Justin Hackworth, Utah Valley photographer (Photo by Erica Rascon) Photographer Justin Hackworth is a visual storyteller whose work has appeared in national publications like People, Parade and Glamour. Around town, Justin’s work has been [...]

5 tips for making meeting magic

At company meetings, Brainstorm Inc. is a white board wizard. Every time the conversation goes off topic, they “park it” in the corner of the board to keep the agenda rolling. (Photo by Ansalee Morrison) By Ansalee Morrison Off topic? Park [...]

BusinessQ Roundtable: It’s the Law

Nov. 8, 2016 (From left) Rand Bateman, Snow Christensen & Martineau;Chris Dexter, Dexter & Dexter; James Larson, Durham Jones & Pinegar; Rob Mansfield, Mitchell Barlow & Mansfield; Jeanette Bennett, BusinessQ Magazine;Bill Fillmore, [...]

The Let’s Be Better: 10 ways our culture can still improve for working women

(Illustration by Aaron Taylor) Let’s talk. In the women’s issue of Utah Valley BusinessQ, the ladies weigh in on what it’s like to be a woman in business in 2016. Here are 10 ways our culture can still improve for working women. 1. More, [...]

Doctor’s Orders: For Dr. Shelly Savage, family, faith and fortitude are the best medicine

“Being a woman has only helped me as a physician in Utah Valley. I’d like to say I’ve been successful solely because I’m a great doctor. But I can’t ignore the fact that there was a need in this valley for female [...]

Storybook School: For 33 years, Cheryl Lant has taught preschoolers to read and to lead

In the middle of her Learning Dynamics journey, Cheryl Lant took an educational detour. In 2000, she was called to the General Primary Board for the LDS Church. And from 2005 to 2010, she was the Primary General President. Amidst all of her [...]

The Best Not Say That Again: 13 phrases that need to take an early retirement

(Illustration by Aaron Taylor) Let’s talk. In the women’s issue of Utah Valley BusinessQ, the ladies weigh in on what it’s like to be a woman in business in 2016. Here are 13 ways our culture can still improve for working women. 1. “How [...]

Starr Player: Starr Fowler has traveled the world championing humans (and their resources)

Starr Fowler’s key to the perfect team? The right roles.“I’ve learned this lesson over and over again. When you have the right people in the right roles, the more effective your team will be,” she says. “When I [...]

Top 10 feature stories on UtahValley360 in 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, we are glancing back one last time at 2016. Utah Valley saw a lot of growth in 2016, including the Provo City Center Temple in downtown Provo, which is No. 10 on our list. We had tear jerker stories and stories that [...]

A year in review: 2016 Utah Valley BusinessQ covers

Utah Valley BusinessQ’s quarterly magazine queues you in to all of the ins-and-outs of Utah Valley businesses. In 2016, our “40 under 40” segment returned and we continued with our annual UV50 awards. Here’s what we [...]