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Storybook School: For 33 years, Cheryl Lant has taught preschoolers to read and to lead

Cheryl Lant is a self-taught entrepreneur. And she is one talented teacher.    Thirty-three years ago, she opened her first Learning Dynamics Preschool in Orem. Today? There are five Learning Dynamics locations — four in Utah, one in Arizona [...]

The Best Not Say That Again: 13 phrases that need to take an early retirement

Let’s talk. In the women’s issue of Utah Valley BusinessQ, the ladies weigh in on what it’s like to be a woman in business in 2016. Here are 13 ways our culture can still improve for working women. 1. “How do you balance it all?” “I [...]

Starr Player: Starr Fowler has traveled the world championing humans (and their resources)

Starr Fowler is a woman of the people. Throughout her 15-year career, the HR genius has been a coach, a strategist, a champion, a leader, and an employee game-changer. “It’s funny, because everyone thinks when you go into HR, you do it [...]

Top 10 feature stories on UtahValley360 in 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, we are glancing back one last time at 2016. Utah Valley saw a lot of growth in 2016, including the Provo City Center Temple in downtown Provo, which is No. 10 on our list. We had tear jerker stories and stories that [...]

A year in review: 2016 Utah Valley BusinessQ covers

Utah Valley BusinessQ’s quarterly magazine queues you in to all of the ins-and-outs of Utah Valley businesses. In 2016, our “40 under 40” segment returned and we continued with our annual UV50 awards. Here’s what we [...]

Ready, set, goal!: 6 companies share their resolutions for 2017

If you need some ideas on New Year’s resolutions for your company, these six companies have a few ideas they are willing to share. Here are six Utah Valley companies that set the goal to the 2017. What will yours be? Berkshire Hathaway, [...]

Happy New Goals: Your company needs resolutions, too

2016 … am I right? If your company is feeling that end-of-year lag, then look ahead to 2017. It’s the wondrous future! And it’s bursting with fresh ideas and beautiful promise. Kory Kogan, a global productivity practice leader at FranklinCovey [...]

The Good: 10 reasons it’s never been better to be a working woman

Let’s talk. In the women’s issue of Utah Valley BusinessQ, the ladies weigh in on what it’s like to be a woman in business in 2016. Here are 10 reasons it’s never been better to be a working woman. 1. Open table.  “I [...]

Baby Got Bling: Female entrepreneurs defining ‘girl power’ with purpose, passion and power

Baby Bling is all girl. From the three owners to their 10 employees to their 60 locally-contracted seamstresses, this bow business is the literal definition of girl power. “When a man walks in, it’s kind of hilarious. It’s like, ‘Who’s [...]

Boss Ladies: Whisks and Rewards with BlenderBottle Co-founder Kim Sorensen

Kim Sorensen is wired for entrepreneurship. Long before she co-created the wire whisk of a lifetime, she was constantly thinking of business ideas, plans and possibilities. “I’ve always loved potential,” Sorensen says. “I love the [...]

The Beehive Business Buzz: EDGE — The Service Company moved its headquarters to swim in Utah Valley’s rich talent pool

When Andrew Richardson realized his corporate position wasn’t allowing him to grow, he jumped ship to do something that was never part of his job description. He became an entrepreneur. Now he is CEO and founder of EDGE — The Service Company, [...]

BusinessQ Roundtable: In the market

Four experts sat down with Utah Valley BusinessQ Editor Jeanette Bennett to talk marketing solutions. These four experts produced tips about product development. Spoiler alert! Don’t you dare be slow or perfect. Jeanette Bennett, BusinessQ: [...]

UV50 Startups to Watch: No. 5 Number 04

All of these things are not like the other. Design and branding firm Number 04 is made up of four founders with four backgrounds, four skill sets, four personalities and four visions. But it’s their shared desire for the unique that makes [...]

UV50 Economic Engines: No. 1 doTERRA

doTERRA is all about the essentials. Product, people, passion — they all come naturally. And it’s why this 8-year-old company has transformed into a $1.2-billion empire. Sitting on 60 acres in Pleasant Grove, doTERRA employs 1,800 people [...]

UV50 Startup to Watch: No. 8 Fuze

Fuze Interactive is lit. As creators of the ZUBI Flyer — a hackable toy that combines tech education with hands-on play — these S.T.E.A.M. entrepreneurs are inspired by passion, empowerment, and a generation of kids who want to know the [...]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 16 Four Foods Group

Talk about a well-balanced company. Four Foods Groups, which is a former UV50 Startup to Watch and perennial Fastest-Growing Company, is a restaurant development wonderland. With dashes of leadership, systems and generosity, the $79-million [...]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 4 BetterBody Foods

It doesn’t get better than BetterBody Foods. The company that did $52 million in 2015 has exploded onto the scene as the picture of health. From agave to chia to quinoa to PBfit (a peanut butter powder), its “better for you” products [...]

Amara Day Spa, Salon & Boutique opens new location at Traverse Mountain

Amara Day Spa, Salon & Boutique opened its second store location in Utah County on Monday, Sept. 19. “We are excited to service the growing population in northern Utah County,” said Tyler Bennett, owner of Amara. “It’s [...]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 1 Younique

You can’t makeup this story. Derek Maxfield was enjoying the fruits of a successful software exit when he kept percolating ideas of how to uplift, empower and validate women. Maxfield and his sister Melanie Huscroft combined their beautiful [...]


The 2016 UV50 makes us #HASHTAG happy. #GOALS #YASSSS #WORKIT #BLESSED #SLAYALLDAY And since we #CANTSTOPWONTSTOP, flip the page and flip out over 50 Utah Valley companies #CRUSHINGIT. What’s more, we’re giving local legend Fraser Bullock [...]