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Utah-Tube: The Piano Guys harmonize with Sir Cliff Richard to echo a hopeful message

The Piano Guys harmonized with Sir Cliff Richard to echo a hopeful message, “It’s Gonna Be Okay.” This music video features the song, “It’s Gonna Be Okay,” performed by The Piano Guys and guest singer Sir [...]

Utah-Tube: Jenny Oaks Baker and Family Four celebrate Memorial Day with national anthem

Jenny Oaks Baker and Family Four celebrated Memorial Day early with a moving performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” “We love our National Anthem and were thrilled to make a music video in tribute to this great nation and [...]

Utah-Tube: GENTRI honors mothers with one mother’s advice — ‘Let It Be’

Honoring mothers everyone and the sound advice they share, GENTRI covered the Beatles’ hit song, “Let It Be,” for Mother’s Day. “This Mother’s Day weekend we honor the wisdom of those who have lifted us up [...]

UV relatable: Mom parody relents social media envy in motherhood

The struggles of mothering in the social media era are real. With social media comparison being a downer, Christian singer Selah created a parody for Mother’s Day to Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush.” The parody, “Mom [...]

Utah-Tube: One Voice Children’s Choir captures joy in friendship with ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ cover

The One Voice Children’s Choir captured the feelings of joy in friendship in its newest music video. Singing “You Will Be Found” from the hit Broadway musical, “Dear Evan Hansen,” the music video appropriately [...]

Utah-Tube: BYU Vocal Point shares anti-bullying message with Broadway musical cover

BYU Vocal Point takes on a serious note with its newest music video — anti-bullying. Inspired by the Broadway musical hit, “Dear Evan Hansen,” BYU Vocal Point covers a pivotal song from the show, “You Will Be Found.” To [...]

Utah-Tube: Dahlia Row ‘will’ make you smile with Beatles’ cover

Dahlia Row “will” make you smile with their new music video cover of the classic Beatles’ song, “I Will.” The group from Payson, Utah adjusted the classic Beatles song by taking an acoustic, swing approach. As [...]

Utah-Tube: Stuart Edge pulls card through glass in magic trick

Taking “pick a card, any card” to another level, YouTube magician Stuart Edge pulled a card through a glass window in his newest YouTube video. Edge walked around downtown Provo and performed the magic trick at various businesses [...]

Utah-Tube: Rapping replaces counseling in ‘Star Wars’ rap battle

Han Solo and Princess Leia are having marital problems again, but this time they are rapping about it. The newest installment of “Star Wars” rap battles by Orem’s Keith Allen, creator of the KFaceTV channel on YouTube, has [...]

Utah-Tube: Provo Mayor Curtis creates music video explaining his job

In an effort to better explain what it is a mayor does, Provo Mayor John Curtis created a music video to share with students on career day at local schools. “Each year I get to participate in career days at some of our local schools,” [...]

Provo’s Aaliyah Rose eliminated from ‘The Voice’ in live playoffs

Aaliyah Rose’s journey on “The Voice” came to an end on Monday night. The 14-year-old Provo native was eliminated in the live playoffs. Country singer Lauren Duski and 15-year-old Aliyah Molden were voted to represent Team [...]

Utah-Tube: BYU Young Ambassadors ‘turn the world upside down’ in ‘Hamilton’ cover

The BYU Young Ambassadors “turn the world upside down” in a music video of the Tony Award-winning hip-hop musical, “Hamilton.” Singing a cover of “Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)” from “Hamilton,” [...]

Trailer tracker: Luscasfilm gives look at ‘The Last Jedi’

The force is strong with the teaser trailer for the newest installment of the “Star Wars” series. Lucasfilms gives a two-minute look at “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” in the teaser trailer released on Friday. The film picks [...]

Utah-Tube: James the Mormon takes polaroid shots of moments that matter in new video

James Curran, more commonly known as James the Mormon, went on a holiday to Chicago to film his newest music video, “Holiday,” with rapper Taylor Bennett. But don’t let that point confuse you. James the Mormon didn’t [...]

Utah-Tube: BYU ‘Mary Poppins’ cast helps with flash mob proposal in HFAC

Disney has played an important role in Andrew Justvig’s life. A Disney aficionado, the BYU theatre student dreams of working for the entertainment beast. He has worked for Walt Disney World. And now Disney has brought him to his fiancee, [...]

Utah-Tube: Working With Lemons’ delightful ‘Beauty and the Beast’ video features all-abilities cast

Working with Lemons invited Camp Kostopulos to participate in their delightful music video for “Beauty and the Beast” video. The special needs campers, from the Salt Lake camp, played the villagers in the music video for “Belle.” The [...]

Utah-Tube: Parkour T-Rex attacks in Devin Supertramp’s Jurassic Park video

Devin Supertramp took his crew on a Jurassic adventure in his new video, “Jurassic Park Meets Parkour In Real Life.” Orem’s Calen Chan, who was in Utah Valley Magazine’s 2017 Fab 40, plays the dinosaur trainer, which [...]

Utah-Tube: Provo gets city theme song to celebrate birthday

Provo City received a special present for its 168th birthday — its very own theme song. “Not many cities have their own theme song but thanks to The National Parks, Provo now has an anthem to call its own,” wrote Provo Mayor [...]

Provo’s Aaliyah Rose battles to next round of ‘The Voice’

Provo’s 14-year-old singer battled her way to the next round on “The Voice.” Aaliyah Rose won the battle round on the show Tuesday night, defeating Team Gwen teammate Savannah Leighton. The two sang a duet to Shawn Mendes’ [...]

Utah-Tube: Madilyn Paige releases enchanting ‘Beauty and the Beast’ video in time for movie’s release

Utah singer Madilyn Paige released an enchanting duet of “Beauty and the Beast” just in time for the movie’s theatrical release. Paige, who sang with Nate Terry, filmed their music video at the Provo Library. The live-action [...]