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SCERA helps local couple get engaged on the big screen

Nate Noble had theatrical-sized plans when it came to proposing to his now fiancée Sarah Bradshaw. Under the guise of filming a music video, Noble invited Bradshaw to the SCERA in Orem, Utah to help him with his newest music video. Little [...]

LDS teen receives standing ovation from ‘America’s Got Talent’ judges, honors father battling cancer

A 13-year-old LDS girl from Florence, Arizona received a standing ovation from the audience and judges on “America’s Got Talent” Tuesday night. Before her performance, Evie Clair emotionally told the judges she decided to [...]

‘Hamilton’ actor will perform with Mormon Tabernacle Choir at Pioneer Day concert

Broadway star Christopher Jackson will perform with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square as part of the Pioneer Day celebration on Temple Square. Jackson — who won a Grammy Award for his performance as George Washington [...]

Retracing the Restoration: A guide to visiting Restoration sites

Ever dreamed of meeting Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, and other early Latter-day Saints? Although they passed away 100-plus years ago, their spirits are still alive and well at the historical sites of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day [...]

5 lessons prophets learned from their fathers

“Follow the Prophet” is a popular song from the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Children’s Songbook. It sings of biblical prophets with nine verses and one catchy chorus. Members of the LDS faith respect and [...]

What LDS Girls Camp is like around the world

When Young Women Camp began, a small group of young women from Salt Lake City went into the mountains near their homes for a weeklong excursion. Since then, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has grown to millions of members [...]

LDS Church conducting survey to evaluate missionary safety

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is conducting a survey to evaluate missionary safety, the church announced Monday morning. The survey was sent to missionaries around the world. “The safety of missionaries is of great importance [...]

5 ‘follow the prophet’ traditions to start right now

The April 2017 general conference is now two months behind us. In conference, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints shared uplifting messages and gave directions on how to improve our lives. With two months past, we can [...]

LDS Church holding public tours of new Missionary Training Center buildings

The public is invited to tour the newly expanding Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah between July 31 and Aug. 19, the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced Friday. Tickets will be available for [...]

Utah’s best summer staycations for families

When summer hits, many Utah families plan to get far away from home and their busy school-time schedules. But instead of skipping the state, why not stay in Utah? Staycations are easier on your wallet, and Utah has some of the most beautiful, [...]

LDS Church President Monson to no longer attend meetings regularly

President Thomas S. Monson, president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, will no longer attend meetings held at Church offices regularly, according to a statement from Mormon Newsroom. “Because of limitations incident [...]

LDS Church leader expresses condolences following Manchester explosion

Elder Patrick Kearon, the Europe area president for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, expressed condolences to the victims of the Manchester explosion on Tuesday morning. “Our hearts are filled with sorrow as we hear of [...]

Rudy visits BYU football staff, shares LDS conversion story

BYU football has just found itself a new “honorary Cougar.” Daniel E. “Rudy” Ruettiger — who is best known for walking on to Notre Dame’s football team and the 1993 movie, “Rudy,” which was written [...]

What I learned when the Spirit took me on a detour

As a writer, I’ve learned that some stories must be told. I’ve also learned that some stories are maddeningly difficult to tell. The story of Katherine Love Paxman was, for me, both. I’d spent the better part of a day in the [...]

BYU grads earn accidental fame in the Philippines

On BYU’s campus, these five 23-year-old students are just you average Joe. In the Philippines, however, they are major stars. “People in the Philippines don’t always recognize that we’re not famous when we come back [...]

Heath Schroyer returns to BYU basketball as new assistant coach

BYU basketball hired Heath Schroyer as an assistant coach BYU head coach Dave Rose announced Thursday afternoon. “We’re very excited to have a coach of Heath’s caliber join our staff,” Rose said in a press release. “He will be a great [...]

10 things to do for Young Men activities now that Scouting is over

When The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints cut ties with the Boy Scouts of America for young men ages 14–18 on May 11, 2017, a new era in the Church began. For a century, young men activities and Scouting activities have been [...]

Young men ages 14–18 in LDS Church will no longer participate in Boy Scouts of America

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is making changes to the Young Men program and its participation with the Boy Scouts of America, the church announced Thursday morning. Starting on Jan. 1, 2018, young men ages 14–18 will discontinue [...]

Sister Eubank encourages BYU Women’s Conference attendees to embrace differences amongst women

In her opening address for BYU Women’s Conference Thursday morning, Sister Sharon Eubank shared the role of Relief Society in combining faith, family and relief to pave the road for conversion. Sister Eubank said conversion can be a [...]

Top 10 tips for traveling with kids

Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you have to stop traveling. In fact, a U.S. Department of Education study shows that kids who travel (regardless of the destination) do better in reading, math and general education than their peers [...]