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Everybody has a story: Bloom where you’re planted

Lindon’s Tammy Northrup has found joy in all stages of life — from 2nd-grade teacher to California mom and now as an empty-nester and floral art lover. I grew up in Pleasant Grove and went to the same high school my father and grandmother [...]

10 lessons I wish I’d learned in Young Women

It’s been more than a decade since I graduated from Young Women into Relief Society. I remember fondly the pre-“Come Follow Me” lessons that referenced dance halls and that mostly quoted apostles and prophets from the 1970s. [...]

Strap puts Springville on the food map

A lot of people have been asking me for a review of Strap Tank in Springville — Utah County’s first beer brewery and restaurant. I attended their pre-opening event, but decided to wait six months to see where they were going and how [...]

Utah-Tube: Provo Mayor Curtis creates music video explaining his job

In an effort to better explain what it is a mayor does, Provo Mayor John Curtis created a music video to share with students on career day at local schools. “Each year I get to participate in career days at some of our local schools,” [...]

Snapshots of the heart: From covers to lovers

Utah Valley Magazine readers may recognize these lovers. In 2006, Kelly Hennessey was one of our “high schoolers who will change the world.” She told us her dream job was “working as a successful actress,” which she fulfilled with a [...]

Utah-Tube: BYU ‘Mary Poppins’ cast helps with flash mob proposal in HFAC

Disney has played an important role in Andrew Justvig’s life. A Disney aficionado, the BYU theatre student dreams of working for the entertainment beast. He has worked for Walt Disney World. And now Disney has brought him to his fiancee, [...]

Snapshots of the heart: With all their hearts

Each morning before he leaves his Saratoga Springs home for work, Shaun Oldroyd says goodbye to his wife, Stephanie, with a kiss and an “I love you.” Stephanie knows he is sincere, unlike years before when his drug addiction would cause [...]

I tried it: Writer Kjersten Johnson moves into a local tiny home for a big night

I walked toward the tiny home I would be staying the night in, and a 20-week-old yellow Labrador awkwardly galloped over to me before collapsing at my feet. I took it as a good sign and gave Jack his fair share of attention before approaching [...]

The Gail S. Halvorsen Aviation Education Foundation plans new home in Spanish Fork

Gail S. Halvorsen, known internationally as the “Candy Bomber,” has dedicated his life to aviation education, to mentoring youth and responding to the emergency needs of those around him. Now, the foundation dedicated to his legacy [...]

Utah makes list of best states for millennials to live

Utah is the sixth best state for millennials to live, according to a new study by WalletHub. Millennials — which includes anyone born between 1981 to 1997 — are typically associated with negative characteristics such as entitled, parentally [...]

Provo restaurateur: We can do better for veterans

April 25 isn’t Veterans Day. It’s not Memorial Day. It’s not an anniversary of the end of a war, attack or a military event. So that’s exactly why Chad Pritchard is hosting a dinner for veterans that night. “Honestly, [...]

Don’t stress — WalletHub says Utah residents don’t

Utahns aren’t that stressed out according to a recent WalletHub study. Compared to the 50 states as well as the District of Columbia, Utah ranked 47th as the most stressed state or the 5th least stressed state in the United States. WalletHub [...]

I tried it: Writer Greg Bennett adds a dab of color to life through Orem’s SCERA Art Center

On a recent Wednesday night, I pretended to be a little bit Winslow Homer and take a beginning watercolor class, taught by Ashley Harvey, the director of the SCERA Arts Center. The limit of my previous watercolor experience was as a sixth-grader [...]

Lifey breaks video journaling down to digestible bite-sized clips

Journaling is taking on a new look. Whereas keeping a journal used to require hours of writing or typing, Lifey is inviting people to share their life history verbally. Lifey is a new company in Provo, Utah, that invites people to record their [...]

Snapshots of the heart: The sound of the heart

The grand piano in the family room of the Buckners’ Highland home is more than a musical instrument. It’s the spot where a 14-year-old musical genius composed masterpieces. It was his refuge and place of solace as he battled depression [...]

National Kidney Foundation gives tribute to Mahes’ daughter

Reno and Sunny Mahe’s 3-year-old daughter passed away unexpectedly in November 2016, and Utah County mourned for the BYU football coach’s family loss. Now, four months later, a billboard on I-15 in Utah County celebrates Elsie [...]

Baby shower power: Utah Valley’s best baby shops

It’s no secret that Utah County is booming with babies. In fact, Bloomberg reports that more babies are born in Orem/Provo per 1,ooo people than any other metro area in the United States. So, it’s no surprise that The UC boasts [...]

Snapshots of the heart: Not for the faint of heart

The story of the Gonzalez family began on a day known for love — Valentine’s Day — although this love story took a more complicated route than “be mine.” Aaron and Lexi Gonzalez met on February 14 as juniors in high school and, [...]

8 young women share message of faith at UN amidst snowed-in New York

On Monday afternoon, the United Nations in New York declared it was canceling all official events for Tuesday, March 14, on account of a major winter storm, which was expected to drop up to 18 inches and to close public transportation. Big [...]

Snapshots of the heart: Putting heart into homes

It began on an April day in Salt Lake City when Greg Adamson and his roommate planned a barbecue. They had the buns and burgers, but knew it wouldn’t be complete without girls. So the guys went around the apartment complex inviting girls [...]