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3 Utah Valley musicians that should make your playlist

“Cool” might not be the word people outside Utah Valley use for cities like Provo, Orem, Lehi and the like, but it’s the word they use for some of the music from the area. As the birth place of artists such as Neon Trees, [...]

5 ways to spiritually charge your family for back to school

School supplies? Check. Fall sports fundraiser? Done. School clothes? Purchased. Utah County families are gearing up for back to school next week, which means that never-ending to-do list might actually be shrinking. But there are a few important [...]
Lori Ruth has been deaf since age 3, but a cochlear implant changed her life a few years ago. It enabled her to hear her newly born fourth child breathing — something that initially had her thinking Darth Vader was in the room.

Hear and Now: Lori Ruth finds meaning and purpose in her life’s challenges

Pleasant Grove’s Lori Ruth works as an early intervention specialist for families with children who have hearing loss. She understands those she works with in a way others cannot — she herself has been deaf since age 3. Whether it’s teaching [...]
As a member of Utah County law enforcement for almost 16 years, Karalee Tracy is familiar with fear. But give her the choice between a crime scene and photo shoot and she knows where she’ll be. “I’m more afraid of having my photo taken than going into a firefight,” she laughs. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst)

On patrol: One of Utah County’s few female police officers

There’s never a typical workday in law enforcement: one day it’s a headline-worthy trauma and the next it’s a noisy neighborhood dog. Between the extremes, Karalee Tracy comes to work ready to face the day fearlessly as one of two women [...]

13 well-known Mormons who accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge

Over the past few weeks the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been sweeping the nation with buckets of ice-cold water. The Ice Bucket Challenge began as a way to raise money for ALS Association. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a neurodegenerative [...]
Elder Bednar speaks at a BYU Devotional in the Marriott Center. He taught Church members to use social media to share uplifting messages. (Screen shot photo.)

VIDEO: Elder Bednar calls Saints to ‘flood the earth’ using social media

Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles invited members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to share “authentic, edifying and praiseworthy” messages on social media websites today at a BYU Education [...]
Orem’s Rhonna Farrer is more well-known by her app name — Rhonna Designs. She took her scrapbook layouts and turned them digital, and Instagram hasn’t been the same since. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst)

Creative app-titude: Rhonna Designs

If you haven’t heard of the app Rhonna Designs, ask your wife, friend, or daughter — someone you know has it on her phone. And she’s no doubt using it to put your Instagram photos to shame. Rhonna Designs — started by Orem mother-of-three [...]
Medication feature

Medications and heat don’t mix

It’s been a hot one, and the heat doesn’t seem to be cooling down anytime soon in Utah Valley. Most people can get by with drinking a little extra water, but those who take certain medications are at a greater health risk because [...]
The Family Home Storage Starter Kit is a useful and compact gift for newlyweds. (Photo courtesy store.lds.org.)

10 great wedding gifts from the LDS Distribution Center

The wedding season is a busy time, especially in communities where many members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints live. Weddings are exciting, joyful and can be — for Church members who attend several celebrations every [...]
Thomas S. Monson poses with two of his pigeons. (Photo courtesy LDS.org.)

Hidden talents and surprising hobbies of modern-day prophets

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sometimes feel as if they know everything about their church leaders. And why not? With General Conference addresses twice every year and dozens more devotionals and speeches scattered [...]
Renee Tribe grew up as a tomboy in a house full of girls. She liked to skateboard, and most of her friends were boys. It wasn’t until eighth grade that she thought, “I should probably wear a dress — I don’t look so bad in it.” Now, 
Renee is the co-founder of the GULL lacrosse league and the mother of four boys and one girl. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst)

On the ball: Renee Tribe’s got game on the Utah County lacrosse scene

The world of sports is often portrayed as fiercely competitive and male-dominated. But when it comes to the Greater Utah Lacrosse League (GULL), a woman is leading the fierce competition. Renee Tribe, co-founder and co-owner of GULL with Marty [...]
(Image courtesy LDS.org Media Library.)

11 unforgettable moments in recent LDS Church history

The phrase “church history” typically conjures images of Liberty Jail, Nauvoo and a dusty trail heading west. But you didn’t have to live in Joseph Smith’s time to experience Church history. Members of the Baby Boomer [...]

7 gospel truths from ‘Newsies’

Some movies strongly appeal to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, despite their lack of real connection to the Church and its members. These films teach timeless lessons, tout quotable lines, feature moral characters [...]

BYU is nation’s most ‘stone-cold sober’ university for 17th consecutive year

The Princeton Review released its 2015 edition of “The Best 379 Colleges” Monday and once again BYU is the country’s most “Stone-Cold Sober” university. Surprise, surprise. The rankings are based on an 80-question [...]

Living in the lap of leprosy

Leprosy is feared and misunderstood, but Rising Star Outreach executive director Tyler Vigue is passionate about changing that. In India, 15 people are told they have leprosy every hour, with a strong stigma attached to the diagnosis. Treated [...]

In good hands: The sole female general surgeon in Utah County

Dr. Jennifer Tittensor is writing the prescription for women in medicine as the only female general surgeon in Utah County In hollywood productions, surgeons are often stereotyped as egotistical, arrogant know-it-alls. But if you walk a mile [...]

Audiobooks that will make your family road trip fly by

If you’re going on a road trip with your family this summer, gear yourself up for listening to whiny kids, bored teenagers and a few too many rounds of “99 Bottles of (whatever) on the Wall.” Or, you could just take one of [...]

10 things to remember when your missionary comes home

The sisters who left for their missions shortly after the October 2012 announcement lowering the minimum age for missionary service are on their way home. The boys will follow soon behind. It’s an exciting time for parents, siblings, [...]

Money magazine likes the value of a BYU education

Money magazine wanted to discover which of the roughly 1,500 U.S. four-year colleges offers the biggest bang for the tuition buck, and BYU came in ninth. Money measured the schools in three major categories: educational quality, affordability [...]

‘Knot at the end of the rope’: Developmental Center puts the ‘sweet’ in home for intellectually disabled

In the 1980s, Guy Thompson made a living by going to the circus four times a week and living on popcorn and Diet Coke. As a nurse at the Developmental Center in American Fork, his job in part was to provide recreation for the intellectually [...]