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NYC audiences catch vision of UVU stained glass installation

Depicting the entire scope of human knowledge in stained glass may sound like an impossible feat, but a small army of Utah Valley artisans and academics tackled the task and captured the attention of New York City artists this week. Utah Valley [...]

Feeding frenzy: BYU athletics’ dietician fuels the masses with her one-athlete-at-a-time approach

A lot is made around the country — and at BYU — about strength and conditioning, weight rooms, “going hard” in practice and having the athletes in peak shape for the start of the season. However, to get the most out of all of these [...]

Stephanie Nielson explains to BYU-Idaho students why she shares the same story as the Provo City Center Temple

Provo’s popular blogger Stephanie Nielson told BYU-Idaho students at devotional Tuesday that she feels a special bond with the Provo City Center Temple because their stories are the same. On Aug. 16, 2008, Nielson and her husband were [...]

How 8 Mormon maternal feminists are influencing global policy this week in Ecuador

Eight LDS women are heading to the Habitat III conference in Ecuador on Wednesday to represent Provo-based Big Ocean, which has been promoting faith, family, maternal feminism and motherhood in United Nations settings and home cottage meetings [...]
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Sarah Coyne(Family Life)  Disney princess culture influence

June 3, 2016

Photography by: Mark A. Philbrick/BYU Photo

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How I sparked the ‘Disney Princess Culture’ conversation

Princesses always fascinated Dr. Sarah Coyne. After all, Sarah means “princess” in Hebrew. When a speaker suggested the messages conveyed by Disney princess culture could be damaging, this BYU professor employed her academic expertise to [...]
Zane Hansen and his wife, Fallon, are the busy parents of five children under 8 years old. They met on the airplane as they flew home from their LDS missions in Argentina.

Everybody has a story: Love at First Flight

Mapleton’s Zane Hansen met his wife on an airplane. Since then Zane’s career has taken off, they have added five kids to the mix and they’ve landed back in Utah and taxied their way to peaceful living. I grew up in the tiny town of [...]

UV Parade Review: Masters of the House

Maybe it was the perfect outdoor living space that inspired an update to your yard. Perhaps it was the way the bold granite countertop went with your to-die-for white-kitchen. Or, maybe you just wanted to meet Donny Osmond. Whatever “it” [...]

UV Parade review: Something for the little ones

Maybe it was the perfect outdoor living space that inspired an update to your yard. Perhaps it was the way the bold granite countertop went with your to-die-for white-kitchen. Or, maybe you just wanted to meet Donny Osmond. Whatever “it” [...]

How we became a dynamic dining duo

Twin sisters and restaurant owners Alisha Nuttall and Angela Wilson are two sides of the same coin — one likes whimsy, one likes boldness. One owns a bakery, one owns a bistro. But the Pleasant Grove pair combined forces to win “Cupcake [...]
Campus photos of Classroom Building and Library in front of Mount Timpanogos from a boom truck, Wednesday, May 18, 2016. (Nathaniel Ray Edwards, UVU Marketing)

75 reasons we love UVU

For 75 years, UVU has evolved and engaged, transitioned from “the tech” to “high-tech,” and garnered accolades and an academic reputation. Now with the largest student body in the state, Utah Valley University is putting the cap and [...]

10 reasons why it takes a village to raise a child

My family and I recently moved to Utah from Texas. After three years of living in Dallas, in the heat and humidity far away from family, there have been a few adjustments to make. But besides purchasing winter coats and introducing our children [...]

How I Biked to Every LDS Temple in Utah

Dalin Earls is not a cyclist. He simply wanted to see every LDS Temple in Utah. To add in an element of adventure — and to understand how a physical feat builds spiritual strength — he used a bicycle as his mode of transportation. Fifteen [...]

Rockwell so totally rocks the ice cream scene

By Mary Crafts-Homer It seems my restaurant reviews having been getting much more positive as of late. I don’t know if that’s because I’m just getting soft in my old age or because the restaurant scene in Utah Valley is getting that much [...]

Life as daughters of Utah’s governor

Kimberli Cahoon, Shannon Child and Heather Vlaardingerbroek are not only sisters, but their families also live within a few blocks of each other in the city of Cedar Hills. Their father, Gary Herbert, has been the governor of Utah since 2009. It’s [...]

How I Became Known as ‘The Next John Bytheway’

Fast-talking Hank Smith has 17 CDs of his famously funny and gospel-packed messages especially for youth. But he also “speaks adult” as a corporate trainer and headline speaker at BYU’s Easter Conference and RootsTech. But this father [...]
Taylee Smith, right, came to support Bradley Nicol, left, at his football game after being invited to homecoming by Nicol with a unique vidoe. (Photo courtesy Bradley Nicol)

Utah-Tube: Heartwarming video shows Springville High student inviting special needs friend to homecoming

With homecoming around the corner for most Utah high schools, one Springville High student is making his date feel extra special with an above-and-beyond homecoming invitation. Bradley Nicol created a inception-esque video to invite his friend, [...]

How I Earned the Miss Utah Crown

Win, lose, win, lose, win, win. Throw in a strict workout regimen and a haircut, and you’ve got a peek into Lauren Wilson’s jeweled journey to being crowned Miss Utah 2016. She competed for the title three years in a row and finally found [...]
(Photo courtesy Mormon Newsroom.)

5 ways seminary has changed in the last 10 years

It’s back to school time, which means it’s also time to start a brand new year of seminary. But if you have a child in seminary this year, you might have noticed things have changed since you were in high school. Here are five changes [...]

Celebrity lookalikes: 8 locals who are totally twinning with celebrities

These local lookalikes and their celebrity counterparts aren’t related — but their bone structure begs to differ. From NBA ballers to Broadway belters, this year’s collection of lookalikes is totally twinning. JD Mallder and David Cook Hometown: [...]
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Books are better: 6 ways to encourage kids to choose books over technology

  With all of the fun games and apps available to kids today, its no surprise reading often takes a backseat. But according to research by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), “Reading is the single [...]