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The art of ambiance: Oteo captures a tasteful environment

Locals head to Oteo for the food — and the unique dining experience is a bonus. The Utah County Oteo family has put their heart and soul into creating an inviting, homegrown environment that matches their locally-sourced, flavorful fare. [...]
Midtown360 NW rendering

Orem eyesore no more: Midtown 360 breaks ground again

Six months to the completion of the south tower. About two months to the start of construction on the north tower. A year until the start of construction on the west towers. And in three or four years, Midtown 360 will be a finished and thriving [...]

Off-campus students now the majority at BYU-Idaho

Enrollment at Brigham Young University–Idaho reached two important milestones this year, according to new data from the Fall Semester 2014 BYU-Idaho enrollment statistics. For the first time in history, the university now serves more students [...]
Home and visiting teachers are called to minister and love members of their ward. (Photo courtesy LDS.org Media Library.)

5 simple steps to powerful home and visiting teaching

For the most part, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints know that home teaching and visiting teaching are important. These programs make possible the care of every single person in the Church. Home and visiting teachers [...]
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A delicate divide between land and sea in Ally Condie’s captivating ‘Atlantia’

Provo City Library to host official “Atlantia” launch event As part of the ongoing AuthorLink series, the Provo City Library will welcome New York Times bestselling author Ally Condie to celebrate the launch of “Atlantia.” Free tickets [...]

7 non-traditional ways to record your family’s history

Remember your Grandma’s “Book of Remembrance”? Or your father’s detailed, daily journal? Those are great ways for recording important events, but they’re by no means the only options available anymore. If writing [...]

3 tricks for a clean car

In 2007, Brent Wignall and Chris Hailstone washed away their construction business and started making preparations for a clean slate in the car washing business. After opening Wiggy Wash in 2010, the Spanish Fork business is flourishing just [...]
Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are making a positive difference in the world, and major news outlets are noticing. (Screenshot from HuffingtonPost.com.)

10 recent articles that applaud Mormonism

As The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints grows, so does the impact its members have on their communities and on the world. And it’s not going unnoticed. Sure, there’s plenty of negative information about the Church and [...]
BYU Friends

Two BYU friends reunite 63 years after graduating

Back in 1950, the clever friends of a student body president candidate put a litter of pigs inside the Joseph Smith Building on the BYU campus, accompanied by a sign that read, “We’re rootin’ for Elmo.” One of those friends [...]

What critics are saying about ‘Meet the Mormons’

  “Meet the Mormons,” a documentary film about six members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from around the world, premiered in 317 select theaters across U.S. last Friday. Like the people in the film, “Meet [...]

Mormonism, science and Harvard: 3 Boston-based thinkers connect the dots

For some, the subjects of science and religion are at odds. There is a choice: science or religion? For others, the two topics are beautifully compatible, both essential in the continual search for truth and knowledge. In Boston, the nation’s [...]

7 reasons to attend the first annual Pocket Film Fest 

  Old or young, it seems everybody is spending a lot of time on his or her smartphone. That’s no surprise. A new smartphone today is far more powerful than a desktop computer of just a few years ago. For nearly any task, there’s an [...]

Q&A: Get to know the Mormons behind ‘Meet the Mormons’

“Meet the Mormons,“ a feature-length documentary that examines the lives of six members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, will open in theaters around the country on Friday. The Mormons in the film have incredible [...]
Skylar Saunders of Highland wears her baby, the youngest of four children under age 5. "It gives me my sanity back to know my baby is feeling loved and secure, while I can be hands free and able to help one of my other kids, or do the chores, or whatever else I need to multitask," Saunders said. "Also, how ELSE do you manage the restroom on a plane when flying alone with a baby?" (Photo credit Liminal Spaces LLC)

Carry on: Celebrating International Babywearing Week in Utah

Modern parenting, with all its high-tech gadgets and varying philosophies, can be a maze to navigate. Is that bath thermometer really necessary? Should I be educating my baby in utero? And is it worth the extra $500 to get a stroller than can [...]

Hope and Healing: How a former drug addict learned to love

When Blu and Marissa Robinson said “I do” 14 years ago, they were hopeful, happy, and excited about their future — despite the odds stacked against them. At the time, Blu was a recently recovered drug addict, and the couple was well aware [...]
Mason D. Davis, left, and Ben Isaacs play two-thirds of the trio who go in search of the 16 Jaredite stones in the film "16 Stones," which will be in theaters Oct. 1. (Photo Courtesy of Candlelight Media)

’16 Stones’ takes viewers on journey of faith

Action, adventure … and an examination of faith? The upcoming film “16 Stones,” which opens locally today, has all this and more. “16 Stones” tells the tale of three friends in 1830s Missouri who, in the face of severe religious persecution, [...]

Singles Sound Off: 3 Utah County residents share the highs and lows of being single

Meet three Utah Valley singletons who share stories of stress, struggle and success — and what they’ve learned about dating in the valley.   Name: Jeffrey Adams UV City: Lehi Age: 33 This Utah County attorney grew up in Salt Lake City, [...]
The death masks of Joseph and Hyrum Smith will be on display for another week, until the museum renovation begins Oct. 6. (Photo courtesy Mormon Newsroom.)

Act fast: 5 can’t-miss LDS Church history artifacts to see this week

After nearly 30 years, 7 million visitors and more than 108 different exhibits, it’s time for a renovation of the Church History Museum in Salt Lake City. The museum will be open through Sunday, Oct. 5 and close the next day for major [...]
Grandparent feature

5 questions every family should ask their grandparents

Family history work is about more than dates and places, though those facts are important. It’s about more than providing temple ordinances, though sealing families together is certainly the end goal. In its purest form, family history [...]
Kyle Beckerman

RSL’s Kyle Beckerman shares his journey to the World Cup with UVU students

Kyle Beckerman, a current Real Salt Lake captain and U.S. Men’s National Team member who competed in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, shared his journey of how he became the player he is today and achieved his life-long goal of making it to the [...]