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Culinary creatives: Jason Merryweather and Ruben Aguirre

Jason Merryweather and Ruben Aguirre started their culinary partnership in the late 1990s at the Homestead Resort in Midway. Now, the pair continue to share a kitchen at the expansive Thanksgiving Point property where Jason oversees all food [...]

A one-on-one team effort: Julie Ellison and Mindy Davis

Julie Ellison welcomes her students each morning as they get off the bus. At her side is Mindy Davis, a technician in Julie’s classroom full of special-needs students at the Oakridge School in Springville. “We want the students to be as [...]

Therapist with a collar: Joanna Posey and Smokey

Joanna Posey has been involved with Therapy Animals of Utah since before she even had an animal qualified to serve with her. When Joanna rescued her dog, Smokey, she found her therapy animal. Animal-assisted therapy involves animals as a tool [...]

Constant companion: Deputy Shawn Carter and Havoc

Not every police officer has the luxury of a partner backing him up on every call. But Deputy Shawn Carter of the Utah County Sheriff’s Office knows that he can wreak Havoc on someone trying to hurt him. In his case, Havoc is his 5-year-old [...]

Local printing shop holding Christmas-themed food drive in May

Here comes Santa Claus … in May. Alexander’s Print Advantage in Lindon is bringing the spirit of the season at an odd time of year with a food drive in conjunction with its Christmas-themed customer appreciation party. The collected [...]

Sorry, Warriors: WalletHub studies show there is more to offer in Salt Lake than LA

Sorry, Golden State Warriors, but it turns out your complaints about Utah being boring are unfounded. Multiple players on the Golden State Warriors complained to ESPN earlier this week about the Los Angeles Clippers losing to the Utah Jazz in [...]

Class of 2007: Where are they now?

Compiled by Darla Smith Utah Valley Magazine has been featuring high schoolers who will change the world for the past 17 years. This year, we turned back to our 2007 “yearbook” and held a glossy-paged reunion with eight of our featured faces. [...]

Dancing through love: Casey & Kayci Treu

As national and international ballroom dancers, Casey and Kayci know how to keep their toes in line and match choreography. But they break the routine in one major way — they share a last name, Treu. “It’s taboo to date your dance partner,” [...]

Pairing for pickleball: Tyler Sheffield and Larry Moon

It’s hard to tell Tyler Sheffield apart from Larry Moon on the pickleball court. They’re the same height, about the same weight and both in their 60s. “I get called Tyler and I don’t even correct people anymore,” Larry says. The pair [...]

Have paddleboards, will travel: Cali Dansie and Molly Garfield

Cali Dansie and Molly Garfield rarely travel without their favorite accessory — giant backpacks containing bright yellow paddleboards. “Most people backpack Europe; we paddleboarded Europe,” Cali says. Cali and Molly first met during [...]

3 trends for putting together the yard for the summer

As our top votegetter for Gardens and Flowers, Brad and Chris Olson of Olson’s Garden Shoppe know how to piece together gardens. “I love color,” Chris says. “We only have a few short months we’re outside, so it’s fun to be able [...]

Sifting through the pieces: 5 tips for homebuyers

Realtors Sheralyn and Chris Bennett — voted the valley’s top Realtors — have five suggestions for sifting through the process of homebuying to help you find the house you’ve been puzzling over. 1. Set realistic expectations A first-time [...]

Not just for video games: Dr. John Salmon and Jeffery Smith

After a summer internship with Lockheed Martin, junior Jeffery Smith returned to BYU with funding to create a virtual reality program that would allow engineers to undergo essential training from any location in the world. With the help of [...]

Picking up the pieces: How to prevent disaster in your home

Jerry Pennock and his team at Complete Restoration have seen it all: mold caving in a roof, little kids lighting Christmas trees on fire and losing a snake in the wall (which they recovered using a thermal imaging camera). When disaster strikes [...]

2017 Best of UV: Restaurants

It isn’t puzzling why we all heart Utah Valley! We pieced together your thousands of love notes and votes to reveal 309 winners that give the big picture of the county we call home. BAKERY 1. Kneaders 2. Shirley’s Bakery & Cafe 3. [...]

Puzzle with patience: Bombay House takes time to perfect food

Puzzles aren’t exactly known for being fast and easy — and that’s the beauty of the 1,000-piece project. Bombay House co-owner D. Shanthakumar believes Indian food also takes patience and time. Shanthakumar grew up in Southern India before [...]

Everybody has a story: Bloom where you’re planted

Lindon’s Tammy Northrup has found joy in all stages of life — from 2nd-grade teacher to California mom and now as an empty-nester and floral art lover. I grew up in Pleasant Grove and went to the same high school my father and grandmother [...]

10 lessons I wish I’d learned in Young Women

It’s been more than a decade since I graduated from Young Women into Relief Society. I remember fondly the pre-“Come Follow Me” lessons that referenced dance halls and that mostly quoted apostles and prophets from the 1970s. [...]

Strap puts Springville on the food map

A lot of people have been asking me for a review of Strap Tank in Springville — Utah County’s first beer brewery and restaurant. I attended their pre-opening event, but decided to wait six months to see where they were going and how [...]

Utah-Tube: Provo Mayor Curtis creates music video explaining his job

In an effort to better explain what it is a mayor does, Provo Mayor John Curtis created a music video to share with students on career day at local schools. “Each year I get to participate in career days at some of our local schools,” [...]