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Weekend best bets: 5 Utah Valley events for a colorful weekend

Spring has almost sprung. As the first buds of the season start to color the county, don’t let the March chill keep you inside. Utah Valley always has something going on — whether its a musical performance, sporting events or a random [...]

Go Fish!: Of all the fish in the local restaurant sea, Tsunami at Traverse Mountain has the best sushi

By Mary Crafts-Homer I’m jumpin’ for joy that one of my favorite Salt Lake restaurants has opened a fourth location in Traverse Mountain! I have long been a fan of Tsunami at its original Sugar House location and find it a good place for [...]

Your Picture-Perfect Winter Wonderland guide to Heber Valley

It’s not holly or jolly to spend more time getting to your destination than enjoying the actual getaway. Here are 14 delightful reasons to head a short 20 minutes up Provo Canyon to Heber City and Midway during the most wonderful time of the [...]

Sweet pork burrito! Cafe Rio opens 100th restaurant in Lehi

  Utah’s popular Mexican restaurant, Cafe Rio, hit a milestone Thursday with its 100th restaurant opening. The newest addition joins the growing workforce in Lehi, Utah at Traverse Mountain. Cafe Rio, which prides itself on everything [...]

How we became a dynamic dining duo

Twin sisters and restaurant owners Alisha Nuttall and Angela Wilson are two sides of the same coin — one likes whimsy, one likes boldness. One owns a bakery, one owns a bistro. But the Pleasant Grove pair combined forces to win “Cupcake [...]

Treat yourself to these local ice cream joints on National Ice Cream Cone Day

Every day is a good day for ice cream in Utah County, but we’re not complaining about another excuse to scream for ice cream. These four locally-based ice cream establishments are perfect for celebrating National Ice Cream Cone Day. BYU [...]

Free Krispy Kreme donuts for Talk Like a Pirate Day

ARR you ready to talk like a pirate in order to get a free donut at Krispy Kreme? Monday, Sept. 19 is the nonsensical holiday, Talk Like a Pirate Day, and Krispy Kreme is giving out a pirate’s bounty (or at least a golden doughnut). Customers [...]

Rockwell so totally rocks the ice cream scene

By Mary Crafts-Homer It seems my restaurant reviews having been getting much more positive as of late. I don’t know if that’s because I’m just getting soft in my old age or because the restaurant scene in Utah Valley is getting that much [...]

Tucanos slated to open new location at University Place in 2017

Fire up the grill, Orem — Tucanos Brazilian Grill is opening a new Utah County location at University Place. Tucanos, which serves an exhibition-style meal of Brazilian meat and vegetables alongside a salad bar, will begin construction on [...]

Food Fest sweetens the market deal at BYU’s farmers market

The LaVell Edwards Stadium Farmers Market is open for its sixth year supporting local growers — but this year BYU Dining is answering the many requests by adding Food Fest. “For years we’ve had people asking for more food, but we resisted [...]

Oteo is Mexican magic north of the border

By Mary Crafts-Homer Lots of folks call themselves “foodies” nowadays, and Utah Valley is no exception to the national wave of elevated food tastes. However, there is a difference between the weekend “foodie” and those of us who live [...]

Eat more free: Start the week with free Slurpees and Chick-fil-A

Two annual free food events are making the start of the work week a whole lot better. 7-Eleven’s Free Slurpee Day is on Monday, July 11 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Customers receive a free small Slurpee at participating stores. But this year [...]

Looking for a Good Thyme: Farm-to-table goodness served fresh in modern downtown ambiance

Brothers Stefano and Nic Niccoli grew up at the feet of their parents who ran a deli in southern California. Later they moved to Utah and earned their living and more culinary chops at Culinary Crafts. Earlier this spring, they opened up Good [...]

2016 Best of Utah Valley Winners

The race is over. You put one business a foot ahead of the other and we are awarding the first three to the finish line. With more than 20,000 votes cast, we’re crowning the winners according to your votes. Ladies and gentleman of Utah [...]

2016 Best of UV: Restaurants

Best Bakery 1. Kneaders 2. Enliten Bakery and Café 3. Shirley’s Best Barbecue 1. Bam Bams BBQ (Find out what Founder Cameron Treu’s most embarrassing moment in business has been. Hint: It involves Detroit Lions’ Ziggy Ansah.) 2. [...]

Bam Bams BBQ’s sweet success and Ziggy misidentification mistake

After Utah native Cameron Treu took the barbecue world by storm by winning multiple awards in barbecue competitions in the west, he returned to Utah to open a quality barbecue restaurant. Bam Bams BBQ opened in Orem on June 1, 2013, and sold [...]

7 things Ryan Radebaugh wants you to know about Orem

Elementary school teacher Ryan Radebaugh moved to Orem when he was in second grade. After graduating from Orem High School, he took a short venture down south to BYU to get his bachelor’s degree in elementary education and master’s in educational [...]

Deliciousness? Czech!: Hruska’s Kolache serves up European favorites with a twist in downtown Provo

By Mary Crafts-Homer I was born and raised in Iowa and learned to cook in my mother’s kitchen. She was known as one of the best cooks in the county and loved to entertain. I guess I’m kind of a chip off the old block! One of my favorite [...]

Brick Oven prepares for 60th anniversary by combining the future with the past

Brick Oven is working to merge the future with the past in honor of its 60th anniversary in June. And just like any other business in it for the long haul, Brick Oven is getting a facelift. Holding on to the family environment, Brick Oven’s [...]

Where there’s smoke there’s deliciousness: Spanish Fork’s Madera Smokehouse opens with awesome sauce

By Mary Crafts-Homer I’m about to make a really bold statement. The new Madera Smokehouse is about the best smoke house in the state! There, I said it, and I’ve got some good reasons to back this up. Madera’s “Southern Pride” smoker [...]