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20 sweet behind-the-scenes shots from the Fab 40 lemonade stand

Narrowing down hundreds of photos for the pages of Utah Valley Magazine is a sour task — which is why we’ve setup a digital lemonade stand with additional photos of our Fab 40. So pull up a chair, raise a glass and enjoy these behind-the-scenes [...]

Fab 40: Sip lemonade with 40 of Utah Valley’s sweetest people

By Jeanette Bennett & Alisha Gallagher  Photography by Dave Blackhurst Utah Valley’s most fabulous ‘lemonade makers’ have a zest for life that serves up more sweet than sour. Read on for a slice of life from Utah Valley’s 40 most [...]
Libbie Hamann (right) and her daughter, Valerie Pryor, relied on each other — and the caregivers associated with the Intermountain Healthcare Breast Center of Excellence — to get through breast cancer treatments.

Excellence in attitude: New accreditation ensures best breast cancer care for local patients

Dr. Jay Clark is part of a newly accredited cooperative dedicated to providing the highest levels of treatment to local breast cancer patients. Sponsored post Written by Greg Bennett On April 7, 2014, Libbie Hamann and her husband went in for [...]

Every Picture Tells a Story: Orem father paints family history

Larry D. Macfarlane spends a few weeks — or sometimes a few months —on each painting. As told by Kate Nash Larry D. Macfarlane has had a passion for art his entire life — but he was too busy as a communications exec and professor to pursue [...]

Ready to Runway: 8 custom looks from the 2014 Provo Fashion Week

Photos courtesy of LC Photography, Breanna White Photography, Endless Photography, Ryan Houston The runway has made its way to Utah Valley via Provo Fashion Week. In this photo essay, we take a look back at the haute highlights of the Spring [...]

Golden designer takes to Provo Fashion Week runway

Bree Wilkins shows one of her gorgeous works of wearable art at the Provo Library, which is the location of Provo Fashion Week. Bree has shown her collection at the event and will be producing the 2015 shows. (Photo by Leah Aldous) Bree Wilkins [...]

6 cool products made in Utah Valley

Utah Valley is known for its entrepreneurs and creative products. Here are six Utah Valley-made products that we wouldn’t mind having in our closet or on our shelves. 1. Virtual Valentine BYU students Brayden Adams and Rodney Cox were [...]

It’s tempting: TemptAsian serves up tasty family business near Lehi Costco

A highlight of the TemptAsian menu is the Singapore Rice Noodle entree. The family serving up Chinese goodness at the American Fork location is originally from Hong Kong. By: Mary Crafts-Homer I love Asian food, but many of Asian restaurants [...]
Alisha and Adam Morgan waited nine years — plus five NICU months — to bring Lucy to their home in Orem.

Mommy’s little miracle: Born at 25 weeks, Lucy Morgan is a long-awaited gift

Alisha and Adam Morgan waited nine years — plus five NICU months — to bring Lucy to their home in Orem. Lucy Morgan was a miracle before she was even born. Her parents, Adam and Alisha Morgan of Orem, met at BYU and had been married nine [...]

Let’s go to the movies in Utah Valley style

Netflix hasn’t brought the curtain down on our love for movie theaters. Utah County has 95 screens and 17,434 movie seats, with another theater set to open within weeks on Geneva Road. Chart out your next trip to the movies by scrolling through [...]
Chelsea Miller suffered an ischemic stroke, which occurs when blood clots stop the flow of blood to the brain and the brain tissue starves. While 87 percent of strokes are ischemic, the second type of stroke is hemorrhagic, which occurs when a weakened blood vessel ruptures.

Stroke of good fortune: Time is of essence in stroke recovery for Spanish Fork 30-year-old

Chelsea Miller suffered an ischemic stroke, which occurs when blood clots stop the flow of blood to the brain and the brain tissue starves. While 87 percent of strokes are ischemic, the second type of stroke is hemorrhagic, which occurs when [...]

Call of the Wild: Great Outdoors Expo brings the outdoors indoors

The Big Outdoors Expo — held at the Utah Valley Contention Center in Provo — highlights all-things-outdoors and all-things-Utah. Activities range from hunter safety, to archery, to golf instruction. A Boy Scout demonstration is also on the [...]

Chip off the cold block: 13 ways Utah Valley is cold

Mike Palfreyman makes the snow for Sundance Ski Resort. Four hours south of Utah County doesn’t really play host to old man winter. (You’re hot, St. George.) A few hours north of Provo rarely feels the scorching heat of a high summer sun. [...]

Light at the end of the tunnel: Bill Anderson benefits from new game-changing treatment for Hepatitis C

Orem’s Bill Anderson was cured of Hepatitis C last June thanks to a new FDA-approved treatment. Bill Anderson is a fighter. An Orem transplant two years ago from Georgia, he’d spent two decades fighting Hepatitis C after testing positive [...]
Utah Valley OBGYN

SPONSORED: Valley Obstetrics & Gynecology

Valley Obstetrics & Gynecology offers a full range of women’s healthcare services including infertility, pregnancy care, premarital exams, family planning, cancer screening, menstrual disorders, gynecological consults and surgery. With [...]

New Year, New You: 14 ways to say goodbye to 2014 issues

Resolutions are solutions. So what’s your problem? Check out 14 ways to say goodbye to the issues of 2014 — and hit 2015 running. #literally 1. Make the Most of Your Money  Money is air, and we need both to thrive. If 2014 left your [...]

Highland mother walks away from a heart attack with a love for health

Stephanie Sobotka has recovered from a six-vessel bypass surgery with a renewed dedication to heart health and appreciation for family time. She was 39 when her hands curled and she couldn’t swipe her cell phone. She was having a heart attack. Stephanie [...]

It’s Glorious: Highland songwriter created the ‘symphony’ made famous by David Archuleta

Stephanie Mabey said she was excited to hang out with David Archuleta at the premiere of “Meet the Mormons” — “so we could high five each other,” she says. When “Meet the Mormons” was released in October 2014, much of the buzz [...]

7 things Sharla Graf wants you to know about Lindon

Twenty years ago, Sharla Graf and her family of six moved to Lindon to be at the base of Mount Timpanogos. They were ready to put down roots after a journey that started in Utah and then landed them on both coasts. Sharla and her husband, Dr. [...]

Laughing Matter: Day in the life of Entertainer Jason Hewlett

With a performance pricetag of $10,500 plus travel expenses, you might think local corporate entertainer Jason Hewlett is laughing all the way to the bank. But companies don’t just hire him for 55 minutes of impersonations, stand-up comedy [...]