An Idea Whose Time Has Come


Jeanette Bennett, utahvalley360.comJeanette_mug

I moved to Utah Valley as a student, but the learning process didn’t end with two degrees from BYU. I found the area to be full of life, lessons and passion, and the student in me drank from the fountain of experience much like a traveler coming off a hot, dry desert.
I, like thousands before and after me, found out who I was and what I could become while living at the base of Mount Timpanogos. I learned how to file taxes, how to drive like a survivor and how to take a hike that matched my ability and interest. I also learned to take on opportunities that would make the world a better place.

I’m passionate about this new challenge to tell the lessons and stories of Utah County in a medium as versatile as a magazine.

As I thumbed through the final draft of this issue, I felt a sense of satisfaction that these stories were being told — world-class gardens, a gold-medalist turned Mr. Mom, and the best new neighborhoods in which to raise families.

As editor, my hope is that as you flip through these pages you’ll begin to feel as if you’ve just come home, because the audience is you — the community and business leaders of this great area.

More than 20,000 households and businesses have been selected to receive our premiere issue free of charge. The magazine is also available on newsstands and by subscription.

Perhaps my favorite part of this publication is the chance it gives readers to become involved. In this issue we are soliciting your favorite things about Utah Valley, and some participants will be rewarded with Lagoon passes. The survey results will be printed in the January/February 2001 issue.

Thank you for welcoming this new publication to your coffee tables, business waiting rooms and bathroom magazine holders. A special thanks to everyone we’ve interviewed for this first issue and to the advertisers who immediately saw the benefit of our audience.

As we embark on this overwhelming journey of telling the stories of Utah County, we look forward to working with you. I love this valley, and I know Utah Valley Magazine will become an important part of it. We know we have much to learn about our area. And you do, too. Which is why together, we’ll be a winning combination.


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