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“No Longer A Secret Garden” proved to be a popular article with many of our readers.

“No Longer A Secret Garden” proved to be a popular article with many of our readers.

Premiere Issue
Thanks for the premiere issue. It’s an ambitious project, and the first number is impressive.  You’ve made me want to go check out Karen Ashton’s Gardens … great photography.
Mark Davis

Congratulations on a job well done. I was just thinking Utah Valley needed its own magazine — you’ve got well-written and interesting articles as well as sharp-looking photos. I will be looking forward to your next issue.
Tammy Christensen

Older Neighborhoods Are Great Places for Families
I enjoyed reading your magazine this month. However, I was surprised to see that none of the older neighborhoods in the valley were listed in the 12 great neighborhoods.
While there is an appeal to new housing, some of the best neighborhoods in the valley have been around for many years.
The benefits of large trees, smaller class sizes, a diversity of ages in the neighborhood and population stability are great reasons to live in an older neighborhood.
In some of the older Provo east bench neighborhoods the influence of the university and four-year college add a great deal to the livability of the area.
Professors who live in the area bring a diversity of experience and knowledge, which adds to the learning environments at the public and private schools in the area. Proximity to sporting events, cultural arts, performing and fine arts is a great benefit.
These established neighborhoods aren’t marketed like the newer neighborhoods but are wonderful places to live and raise a family.
Some great “seasoned” neighborhoods in the valley are Hidden Oaks, Highland;
Oak Hills, Provo; Temple Heights and Rock Canyon, Provo; Cambridge Cove, Provo;
Riverbottoms, Provo; Carterville Road area, Provo; Palisades Drive area, Orem;
Alpine Cove, Alpine; Indian Hills, Provo; Sherwood Hills, Provo; two or three great old neighborhoods in Mapleton (with some new building around).
Perhaps a follow-up article could be done on some of these hidden gems.
David Peterson


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