The Christmas Spirit is Not a Spirit Past


8bDon Aslett, national cleaning guru and author of “Clutter’s Last Stand,” says he is frustrated at Christmas time because he doesn’t know what to get his 6 kids that will mean something to them and do more than clutter up their storage rooms.

And he’s got a point. Shopping for a perfect gift can be like going out for ice cream on Monday night in Provo. It’s crowded. It’s noisy. And you wonder if you’d be better off staying home eating what’s left in the cookie jar.

But the word “gift” has taken on a new meaning for me since the inception of this magazine. I’m overwhelmed with the talents and gifts people have who live in the valley. Everyone we meet has a story, and usually it involves helping or giving to others in a unique and friendly way.

And isn’t this the true meaning of Christmas? Love. Happiness. Giving.

In this issue, you’ll read about Steve Cleveland and the gift he is giving BYU athletics: his life and his talents. Suzanne Sawyer Montgomery traded in her gift to the skiing and modeling industries for giving her time to her new baby daughter. And Provo Towne Centre’s Santa (the real guy, I think!) serves our community through his true Christmas spirit, evident in his real beard, authentic love of children and patient way of giving hope to  thousands of kids, teen-agers and adults.

As I meet and read about the notable and also understated members of our community, I’m reminded to give more of myself to make my home, community and world a better place to live.

So many of you have already contributed much to making our community a fabulous place to live. Thumb through our calendar to see how many events — and many of them are free — are available because community members are sharing their talents and ideas. We can do our share by supporting them.

This holiday season, be generous. Give yourself to your family, your career, your community and your nation. Look shallow, look deep.

You’ll find something you can share. Your biggest surprise might be how much of yourself you have already given to making this world a friendlier, happier, more prosperous place to live.

Make the season last year-round.

Happy Holidays.4ben


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