Life is a Series of Relationships


jeanette-editor's-letterJeanette Bennett,

The last question I asked LaVell Edwards came from the title of Oprah Winfrey’s final page of her new magazine, O. “What do you know for sure?” I asked the veteran coach. “After all of your experience and years of coaching and living, what is that you have learned?”

An almost uncomfortable silence began. He looked out the first-floor window of his office, and then down at the shoes he was polishing on his desk. I was almost ready to break the silence with a simpler question, afraid I had been too confusing.

“Relationships,” he finally stated strongly. “I’ve learned that relationships transcend scores or records. People are really the only important thing. And I know that for sure.”

Great answer, I thought.

And his years of coaching reiterate this ideal. Past players and other coaches use the word “respect” more than any other to describe this 70-year-old man with a serious countenance but soft-hearted personality.

This valley will miss the weekly association we have had with LaVell through the post-game interviews and call-in television shows. But the most important lesson he learned is one we can all adopt and use to create a winning gameplan in whatever sport of life we are in.

Simply stated, relationships matter.

This issue of Utah Valley Magazine showcases the relationships community and business leaders around the county have created. From esteemed physicians to wedding dress designers, success revolves around our dealings with other people.

LaVell was right. And we’ll miss his strong but quiet influence at BYU. Luckily, he’ll continue to make and keep relationships.4ben


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