2001 Utah Valley Magazine Bridal Guide: Wedding Checklist


Steve Martin on “Father of the Bride” lamented each dollar his daughter’s wedding cost. Fronk frustrated him with his elaborate ideas and confident nature.

Fathers of the bride in Utah Valley don’t have quite as big of price tag on their daughters’ weddings.

National wedding magazines and Web sites note the average wedding in the United States cost around $23,000.

“Fathers here spend $23,000, but that’s on three or four daughters’ weddings,” says Gary Nelson, owner of The Historic Colonial House.

A beautiful wedding in Utah County can be just under $7,000.

Each couple and their parents can prioritize where to spend their money, and costs will vary according to taste, style, season and availability.

But, as so many people in the local wedding industry pointed out to us, “You only get married once (hopefully!), so you want to do it right.”

Wedding rings, $3,300
Bridal consultant, $1,760
Ceremony, $286
Bridal attire, $1,430
Photography, $1,650
Stationary, $440
Groom’s tuxedo, $220
Attendants’ gifts, $220
Limousines, $220
Rehearsal dinner, $550
Bride’s beauty treatment, $220
Guest momentos, guest book, $440
Wedding cake, $440
Hall rental, $2,500
Decorations, $2000
Food, $3,500
Flowers, $1,460
Honeymoon, $2,400
TOTAL, $23,036
Source: “Perfect Wedding Guide,” average in 1999.

Wedding rings, $2,200
Bridal consultant, $0
(Included in reception center cost)
Ceremony, $0
(Often in LDS temple or churchhouse)
Bridal attire, $400
(Average at the Bridal Center or Allyse’s; renting from Gowns by Pamela is even more affordable)
Photography, $700
Stationary, $50
Groom’s tuxedo, $80
Attendants’ gifts, $50
Limousines, $0
Not standard at Utah weddings
Rehearsal dinner, $0
Not tradition for Utah weddings
Bride’s beauty treatment, $100
Guest gifts, guest book, $100
Wedding cake, $220
(average for Wedding Cakes by Dawna)
Hall rental, $1,200
Decorations, $0
(come with center)
Food, $800
Flowers, $500
Honeymoon, $500
TOTAL, $6,900
Source: Average of area vendors



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