Life’s Chapters Ups and Downs All Lead Forward


8bJeanette Bennett,

While it’s not “Puppy Love” this time, Donny Osmond is as passionate about the birth of his new career as he has been about the birth of his five sons. His 2001 tour includes Broadway favorites, and this career move is taking him in a classy direction, he says, with all the zeal he had as a 6-year-old on the “Andy Williams Show.”

Donny’s life has always consisted of chapters — there’s the first Donny and Marie show, his “Soldier of Love” era, his “incredible peak” of “Joseph,” the second network show with his sister, and now his new sound.

When I asked him which of these was his greatest accomplishment, our fast-paced conversation fell silent. Personally, his greatest accomplishment is, no question, his family of five sons and his beautiful wife. But professionally, each era had its importance and its greatness, and selecting a “greatest” was a tall order.

While not all of us have chapters of our lives played out on “Entertainment Tonight,” we all make changes and try new things. For those who entered our Cute Baby Contest (see page 36), the new chapter consists of first words, first steps, photos and, hopefully, naps.

New careers, of which Utah County has plenty of options — some more lucrative than others, (see page 24), also signify new challenges and opportunities. And, unfortunately, sometimes tragic events (see page 26) can also bring about significant change, although unwanted.

The trick is, as Donny has, to enjoy each chapter and make the most of its challenges and opportunities. Then when we look back over our lives and our careers, the question “Which chapter was the greatest?” will be a difficult one to answer.4ben


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