Magleby’s et al: Still Creating After All These Years



It’s not much of a stretch to remember back when Magleby’s was practically the only show in town. It was only 1982 when David “Doc” and Lenore Parkinson began to preside over the restaurant set back by the river in a medical office park. The setting is particularly appropriate since Doc is a dentist from the Washington D.C. area who quit after twenty-five years of filling teeth for the restaurant business.

Food-wise, a lot has happened in Provo in the last nineteen years and Doc Parkinson is still around to talk about it. “Our customers have been very loyal,” he says. Why? Doc attributes it to quality and consistency.

First of all, Magleby’s feels like home. One wall is dedicated to pictures of Parkinson offspring and friends with Gary Price bronzes, oil paintings, and potted plants all jumbled together. Doc is usually at the front greeting customers like friends, while Lenore is in the kitchen compounding the desserts including her famous “ugly” apple pie, a gigantic dome-shaped affair stuffed with more than two dozen apples.

And, the food is always delicious from steaks and roast beef to specialty chicken and fish dishes. The lunch buffet will please any palate. Magleby’s Restaurant has been and still is a place to come for fine dining.

Doc is proud of that. But he’s also the kind of guy who roams Utah on a motorcycle with a sleeping bag strapped to the back.

What could he do in the $10 line? Voila: Magleby’s Fresh was born. Same great Magleby’s food at take-out prices.

But Doc saw another niche in the market he wanted to fill: a place where families, students, and people looking for an all-you-can-eat experience could get great food and have fun. Enter Doc’s Pizza Buffet: all you can eat for $2.99 plus karaoke entertainment on selected nights.

  • Magleby’s Restaurant, Village Green, 1675 North 200 West, Provo, Utah (801) 374-6249
  • Magleby’s Fresh, 3362 North University Avenue, Provo, Utah (801) 852-8620
  • Doc’s Pizza Buffet, 2250 North University Parkway, Provo, Utah (801) 852-3303.

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