Giving is Actually the Gift


8bJeanette Bennett,

I made my dad feel his Christmas package every day to see if he could figure out what I’d wrapped up for him. I giggled when he guessed “socks,” “licorice,” and “journal.” Only I knew my secret. And I wasn’t telling — even though it was keeping me awake at nights with excitement.

When Christmas morning came — and it came early at my house — my heart pounded when he unwrapped his tattered package. Inside was bubble wrap, newspaper, more bubble wrap, and then a note. “Please look under the couch.”

He looked at me with the same excitement I had felt for weeks.

Everyone watched as he bent down and pulled out from under the couch a framed picture of the Grand Tetons, which was his favorite vacation spot.

“How did you buy this?” my dad asked me. He wasn’t sure how a 10-year-old could afford something that wasn’t from the dollar store.

“I saved my money,” I told him, gleaming.

This is one of the few Christmas presents I remember from my growing-up years, and it was something I gave — not something I ripped open from Santa Claus. I just couldn’t wait to give the gift I had carefully planned.

The saying goes, “It’s better to give than to receive.” And there is, perhaps, no truer saying.

The holidays are always a season of giving; this year will be no exception, especially with the added motivation of giving to those in need following the recent tragedies on the East Coast (see page 64).

Our issue tells stories of givers. James Christensen shares his artistic talents to brighten the holidays for art lovers of all ages. Richard and JoAnn Losee share their home dozens of times each year with the community. Our valley has opened its arms and given opportunity to hundreds from Villa Corona, Mexico. There is no shortage of charity in our community.

We enjoy sharing the stories of this great area with you.

Happy Holidays!4ben


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