Letters to the Editor


Barksdale Deserves More Credit
Dear editor,
I read your article about Tom Holdman and his stained glass work in your May/June 2001 issue. However, I was very disappointed that the artist Ralph Barksdale was only mentioned once under a picture and not even in the text of the main article. He has worked as a professional artist for nearly 40 years. In his younger years he did his graduate work at Art Center, one of the most well-respected and prestigious art schools in the country.
However, your article didn’t recognize Ralph Barksdale at all for the Orem window, and only briefly for the Thanksgiving Point chapel. Anyone who knows Barksdale’s work can recognize right off that the Orem Library window and the Thanksgiving Point chapel windows include his handiwork.
I don’t blame the writer of the article for not knowing the extent of Barksdale’s involvement. I just want to set the record straight.
Heidi Perry Cook

Utah Valley Magazine shines in NYC
Dear editor,
I wanted to stop and take a moment to thank you for your magazine. I’ve only seen your last three issues, and I’m very impressed. I work in the magazine industry also as a writer and field editor so I can appreciate what you’re doing. Just this last week I was able to “show off” my “Utah County” home to a few of my bosses at a prestigious New York based magazine. My editors were impressed with the quality of your magazine, as I am.
Randy Jernigan
Pleasant Grove


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