The Power of One is Where Power Lies


8bJeanette Bennett,

Meeting Carol Cadina changed me.

At first she was simply one of the nominations for our “Angels Among Us” feature (see page 46) that came though the office e-mail.

Her story stood out, but I didn’t know the stature of this 5-foot woman until I sat in her living room and heard stories of children who didn’t know love until they knew her. After meeting this moving, powerful yet soft-spoken woman, I again know the power of one.

Although Carol grew up in a broken, abusive home, she looked for her blessings, and in turn she found more.

Carol Cadina changed the way I love my children. She changed the depth of gratitude I feel for being alive, safe and loved.

But I’m not the first person she changed.

More than 60 foster children have slept in her modest Payson home, where they receive love, food and care from someone who knows what it is like to be without a family structure. She has adopted three children, bringing the size of her family to 11.

But her arms couldn’t reach far enough to help everyone she wanted to reach. There was more to be done.

To this end she founded “Kuddle Kids,” a non-profit organization dedicated to finding ways to help children work through family issues and past abuse, enabling them to make progress at school, home and in the community.

Carol represents everything good about Utah Valley. She is positive, happy, service-oriented and passionate.

Carol exemplifies the idea that those who follow their passions will find themselves.

In this issue, you will meet well-defined characters in our community.

Ron Dallin is a cabin owner who loves sharing his Sundance getaway with friends and family.

Larry and Shawn King are passionate about charity work and their children — not to mention Provo’s new baseball team.

The owners of the new Provo Angels have overcome setbacks to bring minor league baseball to our front door, a dream they’ve been chipping away at for years.

Dozens of volunteers put on the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival because they have an intense desire to give to the Orem Library and to encourage children and adults to love stories. These women are driven to give back to their community and to leave a legacy.

Our community is well-rounded, with some of the nation’s finest writers, programmers, thinkers and artists calling our valley home. The collective power of our passions is what will make this community continue to thrive.

I’m passionate about sharing these stories with you on the pages of Utah Valley Magazine. Read on.4ben


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