Nedra photos crossed the line

Dear Editor:

I am concerned about the awful picture on the Jan./ Feb. issue of your magazine featuring Nedra Roney. Also, in the article about this woman, there is a picture of her with her daughter. Her daughter looked sweet, but I’m not impressed with the choice to put that particular picture in the magazine.

I was under the assumption that this magazine was to reflect the values and interests of Utah Valley, and it is true that she started Nu Skin, but I do not think she represents anything about Utah Valley that should be plastered all over the front and inside of your magazine! A smaller more tasteful article would have been more appropriate.

I usually like to leave your magazine out on a table for easy reading, but this one will go right in the garbage. Perhaps you could look back to your other issues and compare those cover stories to this issue, and see how off base this one is. Thank you for usually having very interesting and informative magazines.

Diana Morse, Alpine


Casting stones does not equal spirituality

Dear Editor:

Something about your last issue reminded me that the best test of our personal spirituality is how harshly we judge our neighbors. It always surprises me how willing people are to cast stones. Thank you for your fair article on Nedra and the others you feature each issue.

Doris Wagner, Provo


Return to previous conservative covers

Dear Editor:

In the past we have advertised in your publication and felt that your distribution reached families interested in quality education. We receive a copy of your magazine and put it out for our clientele. Your past editions have been reflective of the values supported by our valley.

We were, however, very disappointed in this last January/February 2003 issue. The cover looked like “Cosmopolitan” and the other photos of Nedra Roney were not, in our mind, in keeping with family values. There have been many parents in and out who have made concerned comments about this last issue — shocked at the cover and photos.

Your cover states “a magazine for people who love the valley.” I believe you have made a mistake with this issue. We hope the next magazine more closely reflects the values of our valley as did your past publications.

Susan Kirby, Director, Ivy Hall Academy


Insidious attitudes rampant in the valley

Dear Editor:

Feel free to never send me another copy of your trashy, holier-than-thou, materialism-above-all-else magazine. Save your postage to apply to your self-vaunted ‘charity’ projects published ever so tidily next to the medical marketing section, which of course represents your target market since they offer the finest in aesthetic principles and self-esteem. Are you serious in asserting this fish wrap reflects the values and lifestyle most of us in Utah Valley aspire to and want our children to adopt?

I have never heard of Nedra Roney until I read her article. I very nearly vomited. The backhanded name-dropping of general authorities printed next to Pam Anderson hosting her auction is the worst form of blatant hypocrisy this valley is famous for.

She is free to live her fantasy life and who would doubt the good she must do, but to repeatedly defend her as an upstanding, albeit unique Latter-day Saint is absolutely sickening.

We moved back to Utah two years ago, terrified of this insidious attitude amongst the people here. We live in a very nice subdivision in Highland, similar to neighborhoods we left in three other states. We marvel at the natural beauty around us, thank heaven for family close by, and wonder how this valley got so wrapped up in itself. Now we know.

Stephen Thompson, Highland


Add more substance and cut the fluff

Dear Editor:

Just moments ago I finished reading the article about Nedra Roney in the latest edition of Utah Valley Magazine. I thought the article was poorly written, full of embarrassing cliches, and was nothing more than a shallow attempt at recreating an image tarnished by years of excessive living and scandal. I would much prefer to read articles dealing with substantive issues facing our community rather than the fluff within the pages of the current issue.

Cameron Jones


Roney is not Nibley

Dear Editor:

In the Jan/Feb 2003 edition of your magazine, writer Jeanette Bennett compared Nedra Roney to Hugh Nibley. I encourage Ms. Bennett to examine Nibley’s wisdom regarding wealth and compose another excellent article as a follow-up to the Roney piece. The contrast between the wisdom of Ms. Roney and Dr. Nibley on matters of wealth would be, I believe, both interesting and instructive to our community.

Jim Birrell, Lehi


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