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"Instinctive Eating" by Kristen Lamb

“Instinctive Eating” by Kristen Lamb

KRISTEN LAMB, Mrs. Utah United States 2003, wasn’t always comfortable in a swimsuit. But when she was pregnant with her first child, she began to eat instinctively, meaning she listened to her body’s natural cravings. She began a healthy lifestyle that has enabled her to eat what she wants and maintain a proper weight and body size.

Her new book, “Instinctive Eating,” highlights the 25 principles of listening to your body. The book is sold at and will be available in local bookstores this fall.

“Guardians of Peace” by K.L. Morgan

“Guardians of Peace” by K.L. Morgan

Utah Valley’s K.L. MORGAN has been compared to J.K. Rowling for her writing style and fan base. Her newest release is “Guardians of Peace,” which is Volume 5 from the Chronicles of Fiarah. The book is available in local bookstores such as Deseret Book.

"Miah's Conversion" by Max Walters

“Miah’s Conversion” by Max Walters

MAX WALTERS spent his career as a mortgage broker, but there was always a story in the back of his mind. As he neared retirement, Walters put the finishing touches on “Miah’s Conversion,” and now his 369-page book is available in local bookstores.

The book also includes a CD of “Song of Redeeming Love,” with words and music by Walters.


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