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Utah Valley is known for its spirit of giving — during the holidays and year-round. Here is a list of several foundations and charitable causes in the area. Although this is not a comprehensive list, it showcases the wide variety of service our area contributes


Ashton Family Foundation

The Ashton Family Foundation is a private grant-making foundation located in Orem. Established in 1993 by Alan and Karen Ashton, the foundation gives grants (normally ranging from $1,000 to $10, 000) to other established charitable organizations with tax exempt status. The foundation is governed by the following 10 principles: build the kingdom of God; strengthen the family; safeguard and succor children; administer relief to the poor, needy, widowed and fatherless; prevent disease, malnutrition and hunger; eliminate suffering; promote education; benefit the arts; cultivate an appreciation for God’s creations; and assist and work with other foundations in worthy causes.


Jackson Howard Foundation

The Jackson Howard Foundation exists as a form of “payback time” for founder Jackson Howard. Established 10 years ago by sole benefactor Howard, the foundation gives to other charities located primarily in Utah County. The Jackson Howard foundation selects charities that have little or no overhead, in order to see the immediate results of gifting. The Jackson Howard Foundation has no annual fundraiser.


Bastian Foundation

The mission of Utah Valley’s Bastian Foundation is to build community and understanding through support of various local and national organizations. Financial efforts have been and will continue to focus on education, the arts and cultural programs. A strong commitment is placed on assisting programs and organizations that benefit, encourage and preserve the rights of individuals, especially the gay and lesbian community. For more information, visit www.bastianfoundation.org


Esther Foundation

The Esther Foundation is a nonprofit organization that helps women, children and families by partnering with charities in the areas of literacy and health, self and cultural awareness and home ownership. Established in 1994 by two families with who wished to contribute to their communities and help others, but wished to remain anonymous, the name Esther was chosen from the Bible story. Esther’s founders believe that doing good has a ripple effect. Each time someone is helped by the Esther Foundation, that person will in turn help someone else. To make donations, visit www.esther.ws

Homeward Bound Foundation

Homeward Bound Foundation is a non-profit organization working on behalf of families. The foundation is dedicated to providing the best possible respite care for families in crisis and to helping children gain a greater sense of home, history and self-worth by helping them record their precious memories. Their Second

Annual Gala and Fundraiser, including a reception, silent and live auction and entertainment, will be held Nov. 1. Call (801) 223-4307 or visit www.homewardboundfoundation.org

One Heart Foundation

The One Heart Foundation strengthens individuals by providing guiding principles that unite families and society through faith, courage, love, commitment and integrity. It accomplishes this mission  through producing, publishing and distributing practical information from experts in the areas of physical health, literacy and education, social-emotional, spiritual strength, financial and resource management and self-reliance. Co-founded by Alan and Suzanne Osmond, One Heart, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) international non-profit organization. Visit ww.oneheart.org for information.


Force for Good Foundation

The Force for Good Foundation was established in 1996 under the direction of the board of directors of Nu Skin Enterprises. The foundation exists to create a better world for children by improving human life, continuing indeginous cultures and protecting fragile environments. Nu Skin Enterprises covers all overhead and administrative costs to ensure that 100 percent of donations go to those in need of aid. Force for Good is a registered 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization. They hold a fundraising gala and auction every 18 months. The next gala is set for February 2004. Visit www.forceforgood.org for more information.


Kids on the Move

Kids on the Move provides support, therapy and services for infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families. Its mission is to foster the physical, social, cognitive, and emotional growth of young children, to provide resources and support to families, and to enhance the quality of life in our community for all children. Programs include assessment of needs of disabled children, individual rehabilitative therapy and parent support and education. Established 17 years ago, Kids on the Move serves over 500 families each month. An annual Kids on the Move Celebration of Families and Gold Tournament is held every September at the Cascade Golf Course in Orem. Contact Kids on the Move at (801) 221-9930.


Celebration of Health Foundation

The Celebration of Health Foundation was established in 1984 as a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) public charity. Its mission is to develop philanthropic support for health-related programs and initiatives in harmony with Intermountain Health Care (IHC) services in Utah County, which improve the quality of life for the residents of the communities they serve. Pediatric rehabilitation units, a family guest house, a children’s Nintendo Fun Center and newborn intensive care services are a few foundation projects. Celebration of Health holds many annual fundraisers in June, including the Hidden Garden Benefit Tour, American Fork Golf Benefit and Freedom Festival Baby Contest. For more information, contact the Foundation at (801) 375-7600 or visit www.ihc.com/xp/ihc/orem/givingandvolunteering/foundation/funds.xml

Friday’s Kids Respite

Friday’s Kids Respite began approximately two years ago with the aim of strengthening families of children with disabilities. They accomplish this goal through providing high quality, center-based respite care ( relief) to primary caregivers while their children who are medically fragile, chronically ill or have special needs are cared for by qualified individuals. The program was founded by Kimber Dower and is run entirely by volunteers. Friday’s Kids holds an annual charity auction each April. Contact Jill at (801) 375-3329 or Diane at (801) 368-7036.


The Alpine House

The Alpine House, a partner with the United Way of Utah County, was established to help mentally ill people coming out of intensive residential care adapt and reintroduce themselves to school, work or community life. Residents typically stay six months to one year then are able to live on their own. The Alpine House relies on a grant from the United Way and will be participating in the Evening of Giving at Provo Towne Center on Dec. 6. The Alpine House also accepts monetary and in-kind donations, such as clothing and household items that residents can use when they leave the house. For donations, call the House Parent at (801) 373-9042.


The Center for Women and Children

The Center for Women and Children in crisis began 16 years ago with the mission of providing a caring, advocating, safe, and educationally based environment for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.The center has an emergency shelter, short-term outpatient counseling, group meetings, referral and support services. It is the only domestic violence shelter and rape intervention program in Utah County. Donations may be made by calling (801) 375-5500 or visit www.civic.org.


Kids Cause Foundation

The Kids Cause Foundation was created by the Teachers Association eight years ago to quietly help children in Utah County public schools who have needs that are not being met. Their mission is to help children feel good about themselves and be better students by providing eyeglasses, dental care, clothing, shoes and medical care. Kids Cause has partnered with eyedoctors and dentists, as well as Kmart and Wal-Mart to provide services and clothing to children in the 50 schools they work with. Kids Cause receives the majority of their funding through the United Way of Utah County and encourages donations through the United Way  annual campaign. Donations of  professional services are always welcome. For information, call Linda at (801) 224-2055.


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