Letters to the Editor


You missed the boat 

Dear Editor:

I am sorry but I really think that you missed the boat when you did not include the Salem Pond in your Parade of Lights.  If you have not seen it, then you need to take a ride around Salem Pond. It is beautiful  — and free. Hopefully you will include it in next year’s edition.

Sometimes you think Utah County ends going south at Provo.

Karen Larsen



Young reader finds ‘great stuff’ in magazine

Dear Editor:

I was looking at your magazine the other day. I thought that it had a lot of cool info and that you do a great job. I have looked at some other magazines of yours. They had a lot of great stuff, too, like when you had pictures of people who looked like celebrities. That was fun to look at. Keep up the good work.

Taylor Tolbert

Cedar Hills

Age 12

Exposure for book got immediate response

Dear Editor:

Thanks for including our book along with all the other great local title releases in your November/December issue. We received immediate response from a husband trying to save a 30-year marriage.

Lorie Fowlke

Attorney At Law, Author of “Thinking Divorce? Think Again”


Thanks for the kindness

Dear Editor:

How can I thank you for your kindness to us and our foundation?

Your selection of us for your cover story will have far-reaching affects. We really need the exposure as we’re really in our infancy. You’ve so much helped us with that with this article.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Gary and Lanea Price



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