Reader’s Choice Awards 2004


The RESULTS ARE IN, and the winner is everyone who lives in Utah Valley.

Our area has no shortage of fine restaurants, parks, people and recreation spots. Here are the top vote-getters in categories ranging from favorite local artist to best public restroom. If you disagree with our findings, mark your calendars for September when we will solicit votes for the 2005 contest. Until then, enjoy the best of the best in Utah Valley.


Favorite Local TV Personality: Brent Hunsaker


Favorite Season in Utah Valley: Fall


Favorite Local Performer: Debra Fotheringham


Favorite Local Artist: James C. Christensen


Best Public Restroom: Red Leaf Bookstore, Springville

Favorite Restaurant

1. The Chef’s Table

2. Bombay House

3. Magleby’s



Favorite Local Artist

1. James C. Christensen

2. Greg Olsen

3. Gary Kapp



Favorite Season

in Utah Valley

1. Autumn

2. Spring

3. Summer



Favorite Place to


1. Mall


3. BYU



Favorite Place to Waterski

1. Deer Creek Reservoir

2. Jordanelle Reservoir

3. Utah Lake



Favorite Park

1. Novell Children’s Discovery Park,

Pleasant Grove

2. Vivian Park, Provo

3. SCERA Park, Orem


Favorite Place

for a Family Reunion

1. Aspen Grove, Provo

2. Home

3.(Tie) Canyon Glen Park, Provo

(Tie) South Fork Park, Provo



Favorite Local Performer

1. Debra Fotheringham

2. Jericho Road

3. Kalai



Favorite Friday

Night Activity

1. Going to dinner

2. Going to the movies

3. Cascade Golf Center

Best Public Restroom

1. Red Leaf Bookstore, Springville

2. Nordstrom, Orem

3. Mimi’s Café, Orem



Best Buffet in Utah Valley

1. Golden Corral, Orem

2. Chuck-A-Rama, Provo

3. (Tie) Dutch Oven Buffet, Lehi

(Tie) Sundance Sunday Brunch



Favorite Golf Course

1. Hobble Creek, Springville

2. Thanksgiving Point, Lehi

3. Cascade Golf Course, Orem



Favorite Place

for a Kid’s Party

1. Chuck E. Cheese, Orem

2. FatCats, Provo

3. Seven Peaks, Provo



Favorite Radio Station

1. KSL 1160 AM

2. KBUL 93 FM

3. KJQS 1230 AM



Favorite Local TV Personality

1. Brent Hunsaker, KTVX, ABC 4

2. Steve Young

3. (Tie) Bob Evans, Fox 13

(Tie) Nadine Wimmer, KSL, Ch. 5



Best Pizza in Utah Valley

1. Brick Oven

2. Pizza Factory

3. Pizza Hut



Best Tennis Courts

in Utah Valley

1. Gold’s Gym, Orem

2. BYU, Provo

3. Riverside Country Club, Provo

Selected entrants received gift certificates from Thanksgiving Point — this year’s sponsor for the Readers’ Choice Awards.


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