Tucano’s Top Ten


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Orem’s Wendy Olsen started an organization called The Shoe Fairy, which makes sure children have proper shoes for winter. The idea came when she knew of a little boy who had torn sneakers in winter, and his family couldn’t afford to buy new shoes until the next summer. Wendy bought him shoes from “The Shoe Fairy” and has since worked with donations from Payless Shoe Source and community members to tie shoes on every child who needs them.


Brandon Williams, a 7th-grader from Spanish Fork, put his Boy Scout skills to the test when he performed the Heimlich Maneuver on fellow student McKayd Gordon. McKayd was eating a corn dog at lunch when he began to choke, so Brandon performed the Heimlich Maneuver for the first time in his life. His quick thinking was successful, and Brandon credits his scout master for teaching him the skill.


BYU’s Luna Crookston recently graduated in nursing and is working at the American Fork Hospital. Luna, who is originally from Brazil, saved her money to come to Utah and attend BYU.


With all of his extracurricular accomplishments, kevin stratton was recently named the Arthur V. Watkins Outstanding Citizen for 2004. Kevin is the owner of the Cascade Golf Club in Orem, a partner at the law firm Smith and Stratton, a member of many Utah Valley-based real estate companies and a board member of Kids on the Move, which is an organization that helps children with disabilities.


On Nov. 6, the Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile moseyed into Utah County with Provo’s Erin McGuire as its goal. The high school English teacher entered the company’s “Oh I wish…” contest saying she wanted to use the Weiner Mobile for a day to raise money for Operation Smile. Out of 70,000 entries, Erin was one of 50 winners. The fundraiser raised $1,200 for Operation Smile, and Erin also received $5,000, which she put toward her wish.


Lauren Ramsey is celebrating all 18 years of marriage to her husband — both the good and the difficult. Throughout the fun memories over the years there have been miscommunications, but the Orem couple recently calmed the shaky lines and are celebrating their triumph as a couple.


Orem’s Crystal Price was invited to Washington, D.C., this past December to participate in the National Young Leaders Conference, which is a development program for high school students who have demonstrated great leadership skills and scholastic success. At the conference, Crystal joined 400 “outstanding scholars” from around the country and interacted with leaders in the government, news media and international community.


During the past 10 years, Linda Lewis has led efforts at Springville Middle School to raise $100,000 for the American Lung Association of Utah. With the help of her fellow faculty and students, Linda’s contributions have helped research and educational programs benefiting more than 305,000 Utahns afflicted with lung disease.


Orem’s Alfred and Isabell Lupus recently hung up their aprons after 27 years of serving meals at the Orem Senior Friendship Center. In nearly three decades they have served more than 1 million meals and 10 times as many smiles. Alfred and Isabell are now enjoying a well-deserved retirement and recently celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary.


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