41 : Number of state parks in Utah


74 : Percent of increase of twin/triplet births in the United States over the past two decades


3 : Percent of births in the United States each year that are twins/triplets or more


516,740 : Number of identity theft and fraud reports the FTC received during 2003


8,835 : Number of females in Provo with a gym membership


50,000: Number of people in attendance at 2003’s Stadium of Fire


1 million + :Number of fireworks that seared the sky during Stadium of Fire’s grand finale in 2003, making it one of the largest 4th of July firework displays in the nation


61 : Percent of women who cast a ballot in the last presidential election


8.5 million :Number of people who had cosmetic

procedures in the United States in 2003


88 : Percent of cosmetic procedures

done on women


1 :Utah’s rank as the state with the highest risk of skin cancer in the nation


1: Provo’s ranking as the healthiest city for women to live in


102,194: Number of privately owned businesses in Utah that are owned by women

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