Choose your own summer adventure



Ah, summer. You’re back, in all your sunshine-filled, blue-skied glory that slips us into dusky dreams of biking and camping, road trips and cruise ships. We plan and we save for these bound-to-be-unforgettable vacations. But sometimes our best-laid summer plans don’t come to life, leaving us with toxic pools of regret for wasting away the sunny days.

Okay, okay, put away the tissues and let’s start planning for an unforgettable summer right here in Utah Valley. With the help of local city officials, we’ve compiled day trip itineraries for cities throughout the valley. Pick a day, any day, check out these lists and you’ll be on your way to summer fun with the family. We’ve recommended places to eat, trails to hike and places to explore during your one-day adventure through each city.

Utah Valley is where we live and it’s where we work — and this summer, let’s make it where we play.



Alisha swapped plains for peaks when she moved to Utah from her Kansas hometown. After graduating from BYU and traveling around China with her husband, Shane, they put down roots in Utah Valley, where Alisha first fell in love with yoga, learned to ski and discovered fry sauce. Alisha is an associate editor, writing for Utah Valley Magazine and Follow her on Twitter @alishagallag.

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