It’s a Woman Thing


10 of our first 25 covers have included a woman


By Jeanette W. Bennett

For the 24th time, we’re sending Utah Valley Magazine to the printer. Ten of our covers, including this one, have included women. Philanthropist and businesswoman Karen Ashton was on our inaugural issue in September 2000. Since then, we’ve also highlighted a former Olympian, wives of athletes and coaches, and a female TV anchor, to name a few.

Selfishly, I love to interview women. Although the focus of each article is different, inevitably our conversation turns to finding balance, raising children, supportive husbands, and enjoying each of life’s seasons.

I love studying each woman’s approach to marriage, business, home and family. Each finds a unique solution. Sandra Covey stays up long after midnight to finish her projects and read. Ann Whittaker, owner of Kids Village, created her business to help her son, Chase, find a talent he could call his own by exposing him to woodturning, cooking, sewing and music. JoAnn Losee, who started her business before many of the women in this issue were born, is an example of establishing her name as a brand of quality and customer service. And her love for her husband, Dick, is unparalleled by any other couple I’ve met. They look at each other as if they are still newlyweds.

I touched base with Wendy McGee, founder of Precious Impressions and now WM Designs, the week before she had her fourth baby. We both knew we needed to work on her article right away — time is too precious when a newborn is finally in your arms.

Jessica Devenish, mother of three, is linking generations by overseeing a collections business patterned after the one her father owned for decades.

Women share an incredible bond as we face distinct seasons in our lives. Most of the women in this issue are overlapping their seasons by combining motherhood or grandmotherhood with a hobby or a business. This doesn’t come easily. And that’s what this issue is all about — the joy and the struggle of passionately approaching life with all of the smarts, work and fun we can muster.

The glossy magazine you are holding will give you a healthy dose of female reading. If you are a woman, you’ll be able to identify with Sandra Covey’s persistent family traditions. You’ll want to groove to the tunes of Providence, the new “girl band” Deseret Book has created. In the Women in Business section, you’ll be motivated by the entrepreneurial spirit of your female neighbors.

If you are a man, keep turning the pages. You’ll find that you, too, can learn from these savvy women and their pursuits.

Some have asked if we’re going to do a “man’s issue” next. Maybe. But I don’t know how it could exceed the interest in these 124 pages.


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