Celebrity Look-Alikes


By utahvalley360.com

Has anyone ever told you that you look just like …? The next seven people have heard that phrase a few times. Now you can be the judge. Do they look like their celebrity counterparts? We think you’ll do a doubletake on these mirror images.


Look-Alike Mike Nielsen

Hometown: Highland, Age: 53

Celebrity Henry Winkler

UV: What is the funniest thing that has happened to you as a result of looking like a celebrity?

MIKE: I was asked for an autograph in an airport.


Look-Alike Chelsey Booth

Hometown: Provo

Age: 22

Celebrity: Marie Osmond

UV: Have you ever met your celebrity twin?

CHELSEY: I met her at the ‘Donny & Marie’ show in California. She is a babe!


Look-Alike Nate Witbeck

Hometown: Orem

Age: 20

Celebrity: John Stevens, American Idol Contestant

UV: What would you say if you were to meet the celebrity you look like?

NATE: I would much rather see his expression and reaction than to have a conversation.


Look-Alike Ali Macall Jenkins

Hometown: Mapleton

Age: 2

Celebrity: Mary-Kate and/or Ashley Olsen

UV: What is the funniest thing that has happened to you as a result of looking like a celebrity?

ALI: Ali’s mother, Lori Jenkins, says, “Our family got stopped for the third time that day at the mall. When the man said, ‘Hey, do you know who…’ my son, Luke, said, ‘We know our sister looks like Mary-Kate and Ashley, but we’re here to buy a Nintendo game.’”


Look-Alike Matthew Newman

Hometown: Highland

Age: 11

UV: When did you first realize you looked like a celebrity?

MATTHEW: When I got glasses.


Look-Alike Carrie Whitehead

Hometown: Highland

Age: 26

UV: What is the best part of looking like a celebrity?

CARRIE: It’s a great conversation topic and I meet lots of people that way.

UV: What is the worst part of looking like a celebrity?

CARRIE: When people say, ‘Oh, but I mean that as a compliment.’ I hope they don’t think she’s ugly and then tell me I look like her.



Look-Alike Christine Larson

Hometown: Provo

Age: 25

UV: What is the best work you’ve seen “your” celebrity do?

CHRISTINE: “Family Man.” I love the movie, and my personality is a lot like her fun-loving personality in the movie..


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