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By the Numbers misnamed Timp Cave discoverer

Dear Editor,

Your “By the Number” statistics in the May/June issue of Utah Valley Magazine had one error.

In 1887 Hansen Cave was discovered near Timpanogos Cave by my great-great-grandfather, Martin Hansen. You incorrectly listed Martin Harris as the person who found the cave. Martin Hansen found it several years after he, his dad and uncle discovered the main Timpanogos Cave.

Sarah Hansen Southerland

Salt Lake City



Women in Business section was disappointing and superficial

Successful business women anywhere in the world are an inspiration to women like me who have found themselves competing in the world. It was with some interest then that I picked up the July/August issue of your magazine. I was disappointed.

There are so many wonderful, gifted, talented and hard-working women in Utah County. It seems to me that you could have worked a lot harder at doing some good old-fashioned research to come up with some of these women who are truly inspiring and can be a light to other women who face and meet life’s challenges and find success.

For your magazine to find the heart of the people of Utah County, as editor you have a real need to avoid the glossy and superficial and look for and find real people and real lives that so generously contribute to our culture and world here in Utah Valley. Quite honestly those little blitzes seemed more like advertisements than they did professional articles.

Debbie Hooge




‘Saints and Soldiers’ is perfect prize for reader contest

Dear Editor,

Thank you for the Local Landmarks contest in your July issue that made it possible for my daughter and I to attend the screening of “Saints and Soldiers.”

We were very impressed by the movie and its message. We have been telling everyone we know that it is a must-see. It was wonderful to have a sneak peek at this great movie.

Thanks again for the contest and for being so responsive to someone who really wanted to win tickets.

Karen Nish



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