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Dr. Greg Pitts used three Cerec porcelain onlays and six all-porcelain crowns to fix Sharon’s teeth. Last step? Zoom whitening.



Joseph Patrick added sliced-in layers throughout Sharon’s hair to create more movement and direction. He also added caramel highlights to accent the gold in Sharon’s eyes.

Meet Sharon

Orem’s Sharon Giles is the woman you hope to live next-door to. She is a bubbly, grateful, happy stay-at-home mom with four kids. She has what she describes as a “cute husband” who is a chemical engineer and part-time instructor at BYU. Sharon, who turns 42 in October, grew up in Cedar City where she was a high school cheerleader. But shortly after high school her teeth became discolored and decayed.

“My teeth became almost see-through,” she says. “One of the kids I drove in a carpool said to me, ‘Why do you have green teeth?’ I didn’t like feeling intimidated by a 6-year-old.”

Sharon has spent most of her life taking care of her family instead of pampering herself. She usually cuts her own hair and has never had her hair colored or highlighted.

“Now I wake up each morning and wonder if this makeover is just a dream,” she says.


Sharon’s teeth

Sharon’s daughter was married a few months ago, and her face didn’t show the happiness she felt.

“I was so embarrassed of my teeth that I didn’t smile very much,” she says. “I’ve always looked at other people’s smiles and noticed who had good teeth.”

When she learned she had been chosen for a makeover, she felt like she’d won the lottery.

“I told Dr. Pitts I would do anything for him if he helped me with my teeth,” she says.

Sharon’s old fillings were breaking down, her teeth were discolored, and she had new decay that needed to be taken care of. Her teeth were discolored mostly due to some antibiotics she took as a teenager.

“She was at the point where her teeth overwhelmed her and she didn’t know what to do,” Dr. Pitts says.

The dental team used three Cerec porcelain onlays to replace old and broken down silver fillings. Sharon received six all porcelain crowns made by Rhett Murphy from Summit Dental Lab in Orem. Sharon also received Zoom whitening.

The process took three appointments.

“If there was any pain involved, I was too excited to notice,” Sharon says.

In a matter of weeks, Dr. Pitts took something Sharon had been self-conscious about and created a beautiful smile.

“Now her face and her teeth match,” Dr. Pitts says. “It is so incredible to see the transformation of Sharon. She literally beams when she walks in the room.”


Sharon’s hair

A few months before the makeover, Sharon cut six inches off her hair, which she said was traumatic, so she wanted to keep her hair as long as possible.

Joseph Patrick, of Joseph Patrick Salon in Orem, worked with Sharon’s head shape to create a lighter look, while taking off a few more inches. Sliced-in layers throughout — especially on top and around her face — create more movement and direction.

“To soften her square jaw, we want her hair to frame her face,” Joseph says, so he layered the ends for a light, airy feeling.

Sharon’s hair also needed some volume to bring it to life.

“With this cut, she can do it up glamorous for an evening out or it can be a more casual everyday look,” Joseph says.

Joseph used rich chocolate brown and caramel highlights to accent the gold in Sharon’s eyes.

“Hair color is a good way of adding texture and body to normally lifeless hair,” Joseph says. “She turned out beautiful!”


Sharon’s skin

As part of the not-so-extreme makeover, Sharon began a morning and evening routine using Arbonne’s anti-aging skin care system, NutriMinC RE9. The system blends nine anti-aging elements to combat visual signs of aging.

“RE9 can help reduce wrinkles by up to 50 percent in as little as two weeks,” says GayeLynne Richards, an independent area manager with Arbonne International.

Sharon used Arbonne’s Thermal Fusion enzyme masque three to five times a week. The masque combines green papaya enzymes and water to create heat that dissolves dead surface skin cells. This reduces the appearance of fine lines and improves firmness, leaving Sharon with a youthful radiant glow.

For the “after” photo, GayeLynne did Sharon’s makeup using silver and powdery baby blue colors to line her lids.

“She has red tones in her skin, so a good foundation really blends her skin tones,” GayeLynne says.

Her lips are lined with the color Naughty and filled in with Plumish.

“I wanted to use something dark enough so her teeth would pop out in the photo,” GayeLynne says. “Using a gloss on her lower lip makes it look fuller.”

Makeover sponsors


Greg Pitts, DDS

9 N. 1100 East,

American Fork

(801) 763-9000



Rhett Murphy

Summit Dental Lab

898 S. State Street, Orem

(801) 224-3440



Joseph Patrick

Joseph Patrick Salon

212 South State Street, Orem

(801) 226-6400


Skin care/make-up

GayeLynne Richards

Arbonne International

(801) 361-6160



Glen Ricks Photography

424 W. Main Street,

American Fork

(801) 756-8824



Salt Lake City Downtown

Courtyard Marriott

130 W. 400 South,

Salt Lake City

(801) 531-6000




Epic Dental,

American Fork Gold’s Gym,

Bajio, Nu Skin,

Nails by Jill Wistisen,

Courtyard Marriott,

Hale Center Theater,

Nicole Stokes Esthetician featured

at Platinum Salon,

University Mall Cold Stone,

Dr. Joseph E. Berg – Day Spa Retreat






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