Running a family and business together makes them stronger

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It may be true that opposites attract, but Lerron and Kellie Little prove that isn’t always the case.

The Springville couple has spent 14 years creating a healthy marriage that thrives on similarities — not differences. They golf together, ski together and volunteer together. In the past few years, both served on the Wolverine Board at UVSC, sold the Cougar House and worked on the Balloon Festival for the Fourth of July.

Most couples try to nurture common interests, but Lerron and Kellie have taken it to the next level: they even work together.

“That’s the key to our relationship,” Kellie says. “Common interests, common goals, common values.”

The Littles may have shared interests, but years of marriage haven’t diminished their unique personalities. Kellie is vibrant, outgoing and secure. She exudes the efficiency of a woman who frequently balances PTA meetings, basketball games and business transactions. Lerron is the kind of guy you’d trust with your children and your money – an all-round good guy.

“Our personalities are different,” Lerron says.

“But we complement each other,” Kellie finishes.

Lerron and Kellie first realized they were a great match when they met 14 years ago. Both were working at different high-tech companies in the Provo area when Kellie breezed through Lerron’s office one day. He hunted down her phone number and after Kellie’s initial attempt to stand him up, the two went on a date. That was March 15, and they were married the same year on July 6.

“When you know, you know,” Lerron says.

In the years that have passed, that assurance has only grown stronger as their relationship has evolved. Lerron and Kellie both admit they have a great marriage, but they’ve had their share of challenges. They’ve dealt with the stress of multiple moves, failed business deals and family deaths.

Through the ups and downs of life, Lerron and Kellie have relied on their common values to pull them through.

“We rely on that backbone,” Kellie says. “We’ve been able to come through. You really appreciate the ups when you’ve had the downs.”

“Understanding that is important,” Lerron adds. “When you’re down, all that is is an opportunity to go up again.”

Four years ago, they started their own real estate business, CapStone Real Estate. Lerron primarily handles the management side, while Kellie deals with sales and marketing.

These days, their main work is finding balance between raising their three children – ages 12, 7 and 3 – and everything else life throws at them.

“Balance in our life is critical because of all the things we are doing,” Kellie says. “We figure out what we have to do to have the balance.”

Finding balance sometimes means that Lerron stays home with the kids while Kellie runs errands. Sharing parenting duties comes easy to Lerron because he and Kellie have the same philosophy on raising children.

“We were raised in families that are very similar,” Lerron says. “We are both stern at times and believe there are certain things our kids should do and shouldn’t do. They are always our first priorities.”

Although Lerron and Kellie agree on priorities and share the same interests, they don’t always see eye to eye. When issues arise, they prefer to confront problems.

“We don’t agree on everything but we tend to stick at it until we have a common acceptance, if not an agreement,” Lerron says.

Kellie says Lerron is a good listener.

“He is willing to listen to what I have to say and vice versa,” she says. “Open communication is important in our relationship, but I tend to talk more and Lerron gets right to the point.”

Communication, mutual respect and common priorities are the keys to the Little household.

“What we do might not work for a lot of other people, but it works for us,” Kellie says.



Years of marriage: 16

Kellie, 37; Lerron, 39

Children: 3


– Acknowledge there are issues

– Practice open communication

– Get right to the point

– Talk about it until they both accept the decision


– Lerron used to be in charge of the personal finances, now Kellie is at the helm


– Be stern when needed

– Share responsibility


– Common priorities, values and goals

– Respect

– Open communication

– Hard work

– Balance

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