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An overpowering boss in a dark suit is the exact opposite of leadership, says Jeffrey S. Nielsen, author of the new book “The Myth of Leadership.” He instead proposes a peer-based organization that  “offers a more efficient way to organize business and work relationships.” He doesn’t dissuade managerial positions, but rather the abuse of them, with the ultimate goal being an environment of communication and growth. Jeffrey is a visiting lecturer at BYU and has lectured at UVSC. He also consults organizations on design and strategy issues, including the peer-based management approach outlined in his book.


Complex principles are best told through the eyes of a child, and Stephen E. Robinson’s “You are Priceless—The Parable of the Bicycle” is no exception. Stephen tells the story of a little girl who saves up her money to buy a bike. But when she falls short with only 61 cents, her dad makes up the difference and buys her the prize. The children’s book has religious implications that are simple enough for children but still effective in meaning. Stephen is a professor of ancient scripture at BYU and is the author of “Believing Christ” and “Following Christ.”


Yoga classes at the gym can be stretched straight into one’s home with White Mountain Yoga’s new DVDs titled “Seven Sacred Centers” and “Daily Practice.” Each DVD teaches and expands on techniques of the popular exercise that is designed to help people meditate and relax. The DVDs also share yoga through paintings, music and nature visuals. Syl Carson, who instructs classes at the Orem-based company, leads the routines on the DVDs. For more information visit www.whitemountainyoga.com.


A sheepherder in Montana died in 1936, and his family sent the body away for burial. The sheepherder’s dog, Shep, watched as the train rolled away, and for the next six years he met every incoming train with the hope of his master’s return. This true story meets fiction in Larry Barkdull’s “Cold Train Coming,” a coming-of-age novel about a young boy who finds constancy and friendship in Shep. The boy has dealt with loss and betrayal, but with this dog he finds life in loyalty and love. Larry lives in Orem and is also the author of “The Mourning Dove” and “The Touch of the Master’s Hand.” He has spent most of his professional life publishing books, magazines, music and art prints.


Wristbands made famous by Lance Armstrong have come to Utah and gotten a makeover. Orem-based LDSBANDZ.com has come up with CTRbandz that are synthetic silicone rubber and have “Choose the Right” embossed around them. The wristbands can join or replace traditional CTR rings, but the main goal is getting people more involved in LDS aphorisms. In the future, the company will have customers vote on the next LDS saying to encircle wrists. The green bands come in adult and youth sizes, and customers can purchase three bands for $5.


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