A Labor of Love



Loving mothers enter our cute kids contest

By Jeanette w. Bennett

My fourth baby will be born while this May/June issue is current on the newsstands, which is why working on the cute baby contest this year was even more fun than usual. The soft hands, chubby cheeks and wispy hair showcased in this batch of photos remind me of the exciting reality of adding a new member to my family. I’ve got my digital camera and video camera charged up for the big day, just in case a modeling agency needs extensive footage of this yet-to-be-named darling.

Every person in this world has a mother — and hopefully one who thinks her children are the cutest, nicest, funniest, smartest kids on the block. Nearly 300 children — and by that I mean mothers — entered our cute kids contest this year. We’re tickled pink and blue to share 26 darling photos with you.

To truly be a great mom takes effort. Turning on the TV and turning off your listening ears may be the easiest parenting tactics, but they don’t have the best long-term consequences. Our summer fun guide gives you an idea for each day of Summer 2005. Some ideas are fun, some are educational and some might be physically exhausting. You probably won’t get around to trying all of our suggestions, but hopefully you’ll pick your favorites and enrich your children’s lives this sunny season while you have your family at home under your “classroom” rules.

If you are lucky enough to have teenagers in your house, this issue will give you peace of mind to know who their peers are. For the fifth year, we’re doing our “high schoolers who will change the world” feature. This year’s batch are as impressive as ever — having overcome cancer, car accidents and self-doubt. They are accomplished, driven young people who will take their experiences growing up in Utah Valley and turn them into quiet methods of making this world a better place.

Don’t forget to thank your mother and father for improving this world by shaping you into a unique and powerful individual. If you are stumped for a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift, take a look at pages 98-99 for ideas. Most of all, be grateful for everything your parents taught you, and if you are lucky enough to have children, thank them for introducing you to the challenging world of parenthood. Maybe your kids should be planning your summertime curriculum.


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