Juggling: Women choose their own balancing act



By Jeanette W. Bennett

One of my friends has all four of her children in school for the first time and coordinates the take-home reading effort at Deerfield Elementary in Cedar Hills. Another friend has essentially been a single mom to her three children for much of her marriage while her husband has done multiple military missions in Iraq and elsewhere. Another friend homeschools nine children and is expecting her tenth this fall.

My own balancing act includes taking my laptop with me wherever I go with my four children — especially to doctor’s appointments, haircuts and long drives. It’s a tricky combination to run a publishing business and meet the needs of four personality-filled little ones. In fact, my toddler threw a golf ball at my computer screen a few minutes ago. I knew it was time to switch gears and sing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” Some things are more important than writing this column.

Women’s lives are full of many roles and long to-do lists. Whether you are an empty nester, mother of young children, PTA president, full-time student or a combination of these roles and many more, you are busy. But generally speaking, we choose the lives we have. If we are overwhelmed because we’ve agreed to help with too many bake sales and carwashes, it’s all our own doing. If we’re happy because we’ve finally returned to school after many years, that too, is our own doing. We are the master of our own happiness.

In our annual women’s issue, we highlight many females who have created their own unique life experiences. Arlene Olsen, who graces our cover, made the most of her stay-at-home years and then became a health expert and businesswoman. Shelly Savage has managed to raise six kids while finishing medical school and then opening a medical practice. We also share with you nearly two dozen women in business who have inspirational stories about their sometimes bumpy road to success.

If you’re feeling “female overload,” you can check out our biking guide or our Eclipse Entrepreneur on Mity-Lite. Don’t forget to peruse the lawyer profiles to see which professionals you may need to help you with your will, estate planning, adoption or business law needs.

If you are a typical female reader, you’re probably reading this while doing something else — waiting for the pasta to boil, sitting at the dentist office while your teenager gets his braces tightened, or staying up late because you have insomnia due to financial, marital or health issues in your life.

Good luck with the balancing act you are performing in your own circus. Remember that you are the ring leader. You are in charge of where your life goes from this day forward. If your balancing act is completely off balance, something must go. The goal should be to only keep things on your to-do list that bring meaning and satisfaction to your life and to the lives of your family members. We hope you’ll find the women in this issue to be inspiring.



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