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Olympics did not change perception 

Dear Editor,

Thanks for the chuckle in your reference to the resurrection of Seven Peaks Ski Resort in your September/October issue of Utah Valley Magazine. It sure was the hot thing in the mid ’70s. It was going to put Utah Valley on the map. We had to wait until the Olympics to try to get on the map again.

However, I have to take exception to your statement that the Olympics really changed any perception of Utah or Utah Valley for the average person of the world. We keep telling ourselves it’s true, but I don’t think it is.

I spend most of my business interactions and leisure time with people who are not in Utah. I’ve noticed no change in attitudes or understanding of Utah since the Olympics. I’ve also been on trips to Europe and North Africa since the Olympics. I always get a dumb stare when I say I’m from Utah. It doesn’t change when I mention that it’s the place where the Olympics were. It’s only when you mention Mormons and Red Rock that any comprehension starts to show.

It may have changed the views of some of the handful of people who actually came to the Olympics, but that’s just a drop in the bucket compared to the world’s population. The building of Seven Peaks Ski Resort and people changing their perception of Utah Valley will happen at about the same time.

Rod Schiffman



Magazine and Osmonds have fans in UK

I send greetings from the United Kingdom. The Osmonds’ fan club Web page alerted us to your great magazine.

You are all so blessed to live in such a lovely area, and I hope to visit one day. Donny and Marie Osmond have been inspirational since I was a small child, and now Stephen Covey’s books are part of my business resources.

Best wishes for a magazine about a great area with great people.

Julie Nassau

London, England


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