What are your Christmas Eve traditions?


By Alicia Barney


Jessie Corwin, Provo

Since I decided not to lie to my children about Santa Claus, we do a treasure hunt to find presents in my family instead. The clues have gotten more difficult over the years as the kids get older. So my Christmas Eve tradition is spending hours thinking up clues so the next morning I can get some sleep while everyone looks for their presents.


Kelley Feichko, Provo

On Christmas Eve the mothers, daughters, aunts and grandmas in my family – all the women – get together and have an ornament exchange. Everyone gets a different ornament every year with their name on it. Then we get together as a whole family and have a cookie exchange. Everyone brings a lot of treats and everyone trades. Then we all open gifts and have a lot of fun.


Becki Berg, Springville

We all get to open one present – which is always pajamas – and then we make cookies for Santa. When I was a kid, my family did everything on Christmas Eve. My dad is Scandinavian and that’s the big day for them. We would have a big family dinner, open presents and act out the nativity. We all had the same assigned roles since we were little. I was the donkey every year. That’s what you get when you’re the sixth child.


Ryan Coil, Orem

In my family, we draw names from a hat and everyone gets a name of another person in the family. Then we divide into two groups and one goes with my mom and one with my dad. Both groups spend the day shopping for the other group. In between shopping we all take a break and see a movie together. Then my mom makes dinner, something she doesn’t do at all during the year. She doesn’t make traditional Christmas foods though. I can remember a year when we had a Hawaiian feast and another year when we had a seafood medley.


Kevin Dix, Provo

Every year my dad reads the same book on Christmas Eve — “The Christmas Bells.” We all listen as a family and then everyone gets to open one small gift, which is usually socks.


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