The Gift Of All Gifts

Cynthia Abrea Gambill Owner/Remedez HairSpa (801) 227-0011

Cynthia Abrea Gambill
Owner/Remedez HairSpa
(801) 227-0011

By Cynthia Gambill, Owner of Remedez Hairspa,

Meaningful Relationships

Can you believe we have been together for one year talking about gifts — gifts of time, touch, enhancing color, a natural frame (hair) and even the gift of giving.  These gifts are not only good for our bodies, but for our minds and souls.
We are now entering a new year, possibly rehashing our latest holiday season, going through gifts, (even returning some of them), and setting new goals.
But life doesn’t stand still while you set and achieve your goals. There never seems to be a moment where we stop and breathe. We don’t seem to bring ourselves to a standstill. At the end of the day, or the year, what have we left undone?
We tend to set new goals at the beginning of each year, but what about the resolutions we set 12 months ago and never accomplished? What do we do with those? I don’t want to put a damper on this brand new year, but really, what about them?
Let me get a little personal. I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. For the past decade I have not been able to visit my family and friends because of having four babies, starting a business and sociopolitical instability in my country. In general, I’ve been busy with life, and the list of excuses goes on.
Just today I found out my grandmother passed away in Argentina. I had been meaning to call and check on her health and her life. I put it off, and off and off.
In fact, I made a New Year’s resolution in 2005 to call her at least every month and write to her almost each week.
I did neither of them, at least with the level of frequency I intended.
She is now gone, and no matter what my after-life beliefs are, “our” time together is gone, at least for now. What happened with the time I was going to devote to grandma?
There are so many things I would have wanted to talk to her about, learn from and thank this wise lady for throughout the past year. I wanted to thank her for her dedication as a grandmother, for raising her own children the way I would like mine to be raised, and for always being loyal to her community and her family.
I did not quite make it.
So at this time of the year I’m thinking about how many more things I will not be able to achieve just 12 months from now. Perhaps I should stop adding new things to the “New Year’s Resolutions List” and start thinking of the ones I did not accomplish last year — like spending time with all those who may or may not be with us as early as tomorrow.
It has been rewarding and enlightening to write this “Beauty and Wellness” column. Thank you to all who read the Remedez articles in 2005 and cheers to those whose lives are “healthier” because of them in 2006.
We at Remedez want to wish you a rewarding, accomplishing and complete New Year.
Remember, if you need to find ways today to enhance and maintain those relationships that matter most come to Remedez. We can build memories of time well spent together. There is no better way to rekindle our deepest and most meaningful relationships on Valentine’s Day and always.


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