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It’s a fact of life – more than half of Americans report living paycheck to paycheck. But don’t let the adage “a fool and his money are soon parted” apply to you. Earning, saving, investing and protecting yourself financially aren’t tasks to face alone. Meet 10 experts you can trust all the way to the bank.

Dexter & Dexter

University Office Park
1360 South 740 East, Orem
(801) 225-9900 1-800-DexterLaw

Financial Success Doesn’t Happen by Accident. For both individuals and businesses, detailed planning is essential. Financial success comes through a combination of short-term objectives and long-term planning. The nine attorneys who comprise the Orem firm of Dexter & Dexter foster a team orientation to help people do what it takes to prepare, plan, solve problems and succeed. DexterLaw attorneys serve their clientele with a team-oriented approach by appropriately calling upon the expertise of other professionals, such as accountants and financial planners, when needed to solve clients’ problems and maximize success.

Michael A. Cederstrom, Experienced and Trusted. Partner Michael Cederstrom leads the Estate Planning and Business Advisement Teams of attorneys at Dexter & Dexter. Mike graduated with honors in finance and earned several Jurisprudence Awards for exceptional achievement in the study of tax and estate planning. Mike has practiced law for 26 years and advises individuals and businesses regarding tax matters and estate planning issues.

DexterLaw, Utah Valley’s Full-Service Law Firm. Each of the firm’s nine attorneys focuses on just one or two areas of practice, lending their expertise to challenges faced by individuals and their businesses. Accordingly, each attorney is uniquely qualified both educationally and experientially to assist families and their businesses solve and prevent problems and achieve success. The firm’s clientele ranges from large public corporations to small businesses, individuals and families with less complex, although no less-important, issues. From business to wills and from accidents to zoning, Dexter & Dexter has been helping Utahns cover all the bases for more than 11 years.

Focus on Relationships. DexterLaw attorneys pride themselves on their commitment to long-term, attorney-client relationships.  Repeat customers and referred individuals comprise nearly three-quarters of the firm’s clientele. This fact serves as strong evidence that the DexterLaw emphasis on rendering superior client services is achieving success.

Free, Confidential Consultation. With offices in Orem and Salt Lake City and with attorneys who can help you solve almost any problem, Dexter & Dexter is truly Utah’s full-service law firm. For a free initial consultation regarding your personal or business financial needs or other legal matters visit today or call (801) 225-9900 (or 1-800-DexterLaw) 24 hours a day.

Financial Tip:

Many identity fraud victims experience theft during the holiday season. Follow these trouble-free tips to protect yourself this year.

• Never give your credit card number over the phone, unless you initiated the call and know who you’re dealing with.

• Report lost or stolen cards immediately – after you declare it missing, you’re only liable for the first $50 spent.

• Shred all sensitive financial documents. Shredders are relatively inexpensive and make great gifts!


Fillmore spencer LLC

3301 N. University Ave., Provo
(801) 426-8200

There is strength in numbers, and Fillmore Spencer provides strength to their clients with 18 attorneys and a broad range of capabilities. As one of the largest full-service firms in Utah Valley, attorneys at Fillmore Spencer are continually developing their estate planning practice to better serve customers with will and trust packages, plans for end of life circumstances and advanced estate planning techniques.

Using an attorney at Fillmore Spencer for planning in the present can save trouble in the future.

“If you don’t do it now the state may do it for you,” says Brooke Wilkins, associate. “If you spend a little bit now, you can save a whole lot in the long run in time, money and emotional costs.”

And estate planning isn’t just about assets – it’s about family and relationships. You’re not just planning how to give things to people, you’re planning how to take care of your family.

Brooke says the first time an individual or couple absolutely needs to have an estate plan is when there is a child involved.

“The very least you need is a will saying who the guardian of your children will be,” she says.

One of the key parts of establishing a living will and durable powers of attorney is getting the proper help.

Many people try to do their own estate planning using the thousands of available forms and software programs, but they rarely get the results they’re expecting. In fact, it often ends up costing the user more money.

“We have a real feel for what happens down the road,” says Arlen Card, of counsel attorney. “Software and forms don’t take those things into account. There are a lot of people who have no idea they’re at risk for tax issues. We can help them understand what the forms don’t explain.”

Brandon Johnson, of counsel attorney, says many people think using attorneys for estate planning is only for the wealthy.

“Everybody needs a will and everybody needs durable powers of attorney,” he says. “These are basic things everybody should have. And they aren’t really expensive – we’re not talking about coming in and spending thousands of dollars.”

Arlen says people often get confused about exactly what they need from an attorney.

“If you have any minor dependents, it’s an enormous mistake to not have a will,” he says. “It’s a mistake not to have durable powers – people designated to make healthcare and financial decisions for you. You can end up with enormous emotional difficulty from using a form as opposed to an attorney.”

An added bonus to using Fillmore Spencer’s services is the counsel and education the firm provides.

“One of the joys for me is spending time teaching people,” Arlen says. “I may counsel them on results I’ve seen, but they make their own decisions.”

Since there is no one right answer when making plans for an individual or family’s future, attorneys are there to use their experience and offer the best answer.

“There’s no way the average Joe or Jill will have the experience we’ve had, seeing as many estates as we have,” Arlen says. “We help them find the right answer for their situation.”

Financial Tip:

Get your living will and durable powers of attorney in order. It’s difficult for most people to think about their own death, but it is inevitable. Using an attorney to help plan your estate greatly reduces the stress and potential errors that come when trying to do it alone.


First Horizon Home Loans

252 E. University Parkway, Orem
Cell (801) 368-6519 Office (801) 226-5707

First Horizon® Branch Manager Debbie Isaacs brings more than 30 years of expertise to the home buying customers and business partners she serves. Constantly striving to make the dream of home ownership a reality, Debbie works hard to provide the best financing for her customers’ personal needs. And, thanks to First Horizon’s All Things Financial® philosophy, she can offer more than 450 loan programs and banking products, including consumer and construction loans, commercial loans, interest-only loans, sub prime loans and stated income loans. First-time homebuyer programs and 100 percent financing are also available.

Debbie prides herself on making things happen. Her many years of expertise have made her able to deliver quick and efficient service. Debbie has been a branch manager in Utah for approximately 10 years. She has experience underwriting VA loans, home equity lines of credit, fixed second loans, FHA and conventional loans.  She has also held board positions with the Women’s Council of REALTORS® as treasurer. As a member of the local Home Builders Association and Board of REALTORS®, Debbie enjoys being a part of her community. Debbie has served on several additional committees as well.

From humble beginnings in 1864, First Horizon has grown and evolved into part of First Horizon National Corporation, a family of companies that still believes in the same traditional approach to service they offered more than 140 years ago – service that focuses on each customer’s personal goals. Today, First Horizon is traded on the NYSE, a member of the S&P 500 and one of Business Ethics magazine’s 100 Best Corporate Citizens.

First Horizon’s main branch in Utah County is at 252 E. University Parkway in Orem. Watch for additional offices to be opened in American Fork and Provo. There is also a branch in Cedar City.

First Horizon offers customers more than 450 different home loan products, so they’re able to choose financing that makes sense for them. The Orem branch also provides local processing, underwriting and closing – that means quicker service for homebuyers.

When you choose First Horizon as your mortgage lender, you’ll receive individual attention from local branch managers, like Debbie Isaacs, who will help you make informed decisions and reduce the stress that sometimes accompanies the home buying process. Local processing, underwriting and closing ensure that you’ll receive professional service throughout the loan process.

Financial Tip: 

Protect your finances this winter by protecting the roof over your head. Each winter, homeowners face the familiar threat of snow, ice, rain and the damage weather can do. To cope with the winter’s wrath and avoid future problems, install snow guards, have your roof inspected, keep your gutters cleaned out and call a professional if you suspect a deficiency in your roof. These short-term investments offer long-term rewards.


Hawkins Cloward & Simiter, LC

1095 S. 800 East, Orem
(801) 224-1900

For more than 55 years, when Utah Valley entrepreneurs talk about great CPA firms, one name keeps coming up. Hawkins Cloward & Simister specializes in assisting Utah Valley entrepreneurs with tax reduction strategies, retirement plan design and enhanced business profitability.

When Richard Hawkins and Glen Gardner began working together in 1951, neither of them dreamed of the fantastic changes that would come to their profession. They may not have envisioned computers, but their attention to detail, careful analysis and sterling service helped build the reputation of the firm. Hawkins Cloward & Simister was soon highly respected for its superior work and uncompromising quality.

Today, HCS has more than 40 professionals and serves more than 6,000 clients in a broad variety of businesses. The firm has been recognized nationally and locally for quality work and customer service. HCS is consistently ranked in Utah’s Top 10 firms. Members of the company serve on many boards and organizations in the community, including BYU and UVSC, in a multitude of volunteer positions. The partners at HCS believe in giving something back to the community.

The firm’s services encompass a wide variety of financial areas, including management consulting, taxation, accounting and audit. They welcome engagements ranging from simple tax returns to complex audits of multi-million dollar entities.

HCS contributes to the success of hundreds of Utah businesses. Its talented team of CPAs is known for its tax-reduction strategies. In the past three years, one HCS client was named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and another became a finalist.

Their professional, yet personal, approach and comprehensive education program have earned a reputation for highly reliable service in accounting, auditing, tax planning, information systems and management advisory services. Each engagement, no matter what size, receives carefully tailored personal attention.

Their company motto says it all: Big enough to know, small enough to care.

Hawkins Cloward & Simister is large enough to provide expert services, but small enough to provide personal attention.

“We know we are good analysts, but the past is only the beginning,” says Kevin Simister, managing partner.

Hawkins Cloward & Simister can use where you have been to help you get where you want to be. Planning for the future, whether personal or business, is an essential element of the personal attention and services provided. Working together with energy, dedication and imagination, they will help you accomplish your objectives and make a difference where it counts . . . the bottom line.

Financial Tip:

Now is the time to contact your CPA for tax planning. Waiting until next year is too late.  There are many planning actions you can take that can only be done before Dec. 31. Call your accountant today and ask for a year-end planning session.


NEXT Financial Group

3585 N. University Ave., Suite 275,
Provo, Utah
(801) 420-9100

The foundation of financial success is to spend less than you earn – whether you’re a millionaire or a student, the same principle applies. Do this and success is just a matter of time as you steadily build wealth.

Larry Lawrence, investment professional of NEXT Financial Group, Inc., works with his clients to achieve their financial goals. As a youth sports coach and former BYU track star, Larry sees the importance of monitoring progress.

“If you are going to run a four-minute mile, you have to know what your lap time is,” Larry says. “When you play basketball, you have to look at the scoreboard to know if you should change offensive or defensive plans.”

NEXT Financial Group, Inc. is a network of the industry’s leading professionals. The company’s rapid growth made history by winning Investment Advisor Magazine’s prestigious Broker/Dealer of the Year Award six straight years. Each year Investment Advisor Magazine conducts a poll asking its representative readers to rate their broker/dealer on meeting their needs in key areas such as compliance, training, marketing, technology support and overall performance. Broker/dealers that are rated the highest by their representatives are named “Broker/Dealer of the Year” in one of four divisions based on each broker/dealer’s total number of representatives.

In 2005, NEXT also joined the ranks of the top 50 largest broker/dealers in America for the first time in Financial Planning Magazine’s annual rankings. NEXT is owned and controlled by its representatives. It has no corporate parent and offers no proprietary products. Accordingly, NEXT representatives are able to offer the products and services that are the best fit for their clients. NEXT Financial Group’s local registered branch office is located in Jamestown at 3585 N. University Ave., Suite 275, Provo, UT.

Larry has a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University and is an Accredited Asset Management Specialist. He is a member of the All American team at American Funds, a Signature Board Member with John Hancock Funds and a Captains Board member with Hartford Life and Annuity. This full service investment firm offers stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, life insurance, etc. and through affiliation with EverBank Mortgage home equity lines of credit, commercial lending and FDIC insured Certificates of Deposit are offered.

Larry builds his business on mutual trust. When an individual works with an investment professional, there should not be any worry.

“In a very real sense that is what you are hiring me to do,” he says. “The markets are always changing and your individual portfolio depends on the strength, integrity and consistency of your representative.”

Larry also co-owns the hopes, dreams and fears of each client.

“I invest my client’s capital as carefully as I do my own,” he says, “because I know their hopes for their family’s future are every bit as important to them as mine are to me.”

Larry defines investment objectives according to the clients’ real life goals. Some want to pay for college, while others need to build their retirement funds. He works to create an investment plan that is customized for the client’s needs.

“I have clients that have several million dollars and others may have several hundred dollars,” Larry says. “But the value is in the person, not the size of their account. The human value is the most important aspect of my business.”

Would you feel better knowing you are on track for early retirement? Are you ready for any emergency? Would it comfort you to know that if you died unexpectedly, your family would be well cared for? These are not idle questions. To assist you with achieving your financial goals call (801) 420-9100. There is no cost or obligation, just peace of mind in knowing you are on the right track.

Securities offered through NEXT Financial Group, Inc., member NASD/SIPC.  Brokerage products and services are not FDIC-insured, not bank guaranteed, and may lose value.  Certificates of Deposit (CD’s) and lending products and services are offered through EverBank Financial Corp., member FDIC and an equal housing lender.  Entities named are not affiliates of NEXT Financial Group, Inc.

Financial Tip:

Start now. Plan now for your future, write down your investment goals and work with an investment professional who will help you reach those goals. The hallmarks of a successful retirement are dignity and independence. The financial key to continued independence over two decades or more of retirement is an income you can’t outlive – an income that’s rising even as your cost of living continues to rise. The future you build today is the future you will enjoy tomorrow. Spend less than you earn and invest your savings wisely.


Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

5255 Edgewood Dr., Ste. 350, Provo
(801) 225-8000

Financial advisers with Northwestern Mutual Financial Network realize that financial planning isn’t a one-size-fits-all industry. Instead, they cater their plans to meet clients’ specific goals.

Cory Mahaffey, managing director and financial adviser, compares financial planning to an airplane flight. When heading to New York from Salt Lake City, the nose of the airplane isn’t always pointed directly at New York City. The pilot has to make constant checkups and in-flight course corrections to reach the destination.

“Whether you have a 30-year retirement plan or want to put your kids through school,” he says, “it’s ridiculous to think you can simply make a decision, not think about it again for 20 or 30 years, and still reach your destination.”

Cory lets his clients choose the destination, even if it involves dramatic modifications over time.

He says some clients want to be the pilot – they want to be involved in every decision that occurs. Others prefer to be in the cockpit, watching the action without making the day-to-day decisions. And some clients simply want to be first-class passengers – they’re happy to sit back, watch the in-flight movie and be kept up to date on the arrival time. They don’t want to understand all the details, but they want the job done right.

“In that fashion, we’re able to help clients meet their financial goals in whichever style they prefer,” Cory says.

Northwestern Mutual is one of the most heavily credentialed investment companies in Utah Valley, boasting a 30-member team of financial professionals who hold credentials such as MBA, MA, JD and the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification.

The company’s goal is to “inspire people to dream courageously and live with purpose,” Cory says. “We’re here to ask people the hard questions, to get them to think about what they really want, then help them create plans to accomplish those goals.”

Mahaffey says he understands the challenges people face when determining which financial planner, company or broker/dealer to use. Initially, many companies seem similar, but the differences really stand out after six months. It’s important to get a good recommendation before committing to a particular financial planner.

“We feel like 90 to 95 percent of the industry is focused on pushing products,” he says. “There are so many companies creating dog and pony shows to promote products and people are attracted to it like moths to a candle. But it’s not what people need.”

What they need is a relationship that can continually help them update financial strategies and solutions over time.

“We think the fact that Utah has been the leader nationally in bankruptcies does not properly reflect the values many people living in Utah uphold,” he says. “We want to help change habits in the community.”

What Mahaffey loves most about his job is just that – helping people change financial habits and behaviors.

“When people ask me what I do, I tell them I help people align their financial behaviors so they can spend more time playing golf,” he says. “If I had $10 million in the bank, I’d be doing the exact same thing, because I enjoy it.”

Northwestern Mutual Financial Network is the marketing name for the sales and distribution arm of The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, Milwaukee, WI (NM) and its subsidiaries and affiliates. Cory Mahaffey is a District Agent of NM (life insurance, annuities and disability income insurance).  Registered Representative and Investment Adviser Representative of Northwestern Mutual Investment Services, LLC, 111 E. Broadway St, Ste 1400, Salt Lake City UT, 84111, (801) 533-8444, a wholly-owned company of NM, broker-dealer, registered investment adviser, member NASD and SIPC.  NM is not a broker-dealer or registered investment adviser.  There may be instances when agents of NM represent companies in addition to NM or its affiliates.

Financial Tip:

Most people should work with a financial planner or team of advisers. Many of us lack discipline. We all know how to exercise, but how many of us actually do it? Whether it’s exercise or finances, people need accountability partners – someone who will stick in the trenches with them through life.


Prosper Inc.

 5072 N. 300 West, Provo
(800) 748-5199

Financial coaches at Prosper want to teach the public to be financially independent. Lorin Hardy, financial coaching division leader, has a team of 20 coaches who spend their days helping others achieve their financial goals.

Founded in 1998, Prosper now has 500 employees who coach clients in real estate investment, e-commerce and Internet business, stock trading and small business entrepreneurship. The finance department has more than 100 years of personal financial experience combined.

Lorin believes most people need financial education.

“With the level of financial literacy in this nation, it’s a wonder we’re not in worse shape than we are,” he says.

And with its high ranks in bankruptcies and foreclosures, the state of Utah is no exception.

The main goal of the company is to get clients to financial independence. The Prosper definition of financial independence is when work is optional and leisure is affordable.

“For most of us, work is not optional,” he says. “If we don’t work, we don’t get a paycheck.”

Financial independence starts by getting into a mental and emotional state of wealth. If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re never going to get there.

Prosper’s clients are assigned to personal financial coaches. With periodic coaching sessions throughout a two-year period, mentors teach people about cash flow management, debt elimination, risk management, goal setting and creating wealth.

One of the big milestones in the program is debt freedom. Mentors put clients on a plan and track progress until they’re debt free.

Many people can pick up a book and learn how to be debt free and financially independent, but after reading a book, the motivation to act is often lost. Having a personal coach can encourage that motivation.

“Everybody knows we’ve got to cut back and get out of debt,” Lorin says, “but there’s nobody holding you accountable. If you know somebody will be checking up on you, that’s a big key.”

Coaches ask clients how long they could maintain their current standard of living if they were to quit working. Lorin says most people are about six weeks away from bankruptcy.

Since the average millionaire has seven streams of income, Prosper tries to introduce this principle to its clients.

“Being debt free does not make you wealthy,” Lorin says. “You need multiple streams of income if you’re going to be independent, whether it’s investment income or starting a business.”

So who is wealthy and how do people get there? Lorin illustrates the answer to this question with some statistics from the United States Department of Labor.

“Of 25 year-olds today, only 1 percent will be wealthy by the time they’re 65,” he says. “Four percent will be financially OK, 5 percent will be deceased, 36 percent will still be working and 54 percent will be dependent on their offspring or the government.”

Of the 1 percent who become wealthy, 74 percent get that way by working smart. They are the entrepreneurs, small business owners and “millionaire next door” types.

Prosper plays a key role in helping people work smart.

“We teach two main principles,” Lorin says. “First, know where your money is going and slow the flow. Second, pay yourself first by saving and investing.”

By using Prosper’s coaches to monitor the flow of money and properly invest and save, financial freedom is affordable for virtually every family in America.

Financial Tip:

Combat the rising cost of heating your home this winter by implementing a few simple tips. Turn down your thermostat. Every degree you lower your thermostat can save up to 3 percent on your heating bill. Have your furnace inspected, check heating ducts for gaps or cracks and change your furnace filter monthly. Winterize your home – insulate hot water pipes, replace cracked or torn gasket seals around doors and use weather stripping to caulk drafty windows.



188 W. 5200 North, Provo
(801) 223-8188

With bankruptcies on the rise and consumer debt levels at historic highs, many households appear unable to set good financial examples for their children.

“There are legitimate concerns in regards to teaching our children to be smart with their money,” says Brad Norton, vice president of marketing and business development at Utah Community Credit Union. “We as a community here in Utah Valley need to work together to protect and guard our children.”

UCCU has created an exciting youth banking program to teach children and teens to be smart with their money. BeMoneySmart is a comprehensive package of resources, tools, incentives and rewards that parents can use to help their youth.

It’s never too early to learn about smart money management, and Brad says kids and teenagers are excited about the program. They want money experiences and they want independence, so BeMoneySmart provides a framework with necessary spending stops to avoid unnecessary fees. That way, mom and dad can sleep at night.

A key part of the program is boosting savings.

“For children, teenagers, young adults — all of us for that matter — the habit of saving on a regular basis is paramount,” Brad says.

To help train and encourage this discipline, UCCU gives each young account holder a SmartSavers Rewards Card. Every time a deposit is made — regardless of the deposit amount — UCCU tellers put a punch in the card. Account holders can redeem punched cards for gifts and rewards after just five deposits.

“My 8-year-old son already has three deposit punches,” Brad says. “The big benefit is that it gets kids excited to make deposits and save their money.”

Most youth programs have savings rewards tied to savings balance thresholds, but UCCU has thrown that model out. Instead, they concentrate on developing habits and skills.

One of the biggest money management hurdles, for youth and adults alike, is keeping track of where the money goes.

“We provide each BeMoneySmart checking account member with a VISA Check Card and portable check register,” Brad says. “When they write down their spending and completely fill up the register, UCCU will reward them with $15 in their account. We call this Keep Track, Get Some Back.”

Some parents might be wary of putting plastic in their teens’ hands, but Brad says there’s no better tool for parental tracking and monitoring. The check card transactions are paid directly from the checking account and are recorded in the online account register.

“I was reviewing the spending of my 17-year-old son, and Taco Bell plays a big part,” Brad says. “We discourage spending using cash and checks. Check card transactions, no matter how small, can be tracked and used for training and coaching.”

And if there’s no money in the checking account, the purchase is simply declined. This integrated “spending stop” is an important element in teaching responsible money management and modest spending without the expense of costly overdraft fees.

Because of the teaching opportunities and the rewards that follow, youth and parents are finding great satisfaction with the program. The younger account holders love the SmartSavers Rewards Cards because the reward is attainable. The older users like the spending independence and cool designs of the BeMoneySmart Check Cards. Parents love the “Make the Grade and Get Paid” incentive — youth account holders get $1 from UCCU for A’s on their report cards at the end of the year.

To learn more about UCCU’s BeMoneySmart program, visit a local UCCU branch or check out In addition to fun and interesting information and activities, the Web site includes links to pre-approved educational sites UCCU recommends.

Financial Tip:

It’s never too early to learn about money management. Set a good example by providing youth with an easy-to-use program. BeMoneySmart offers independence for children and teens while including resources parents need to teach their children disciplined saving and modest spending habits.


The Hunter Group

359 E. Main Street, Ste. 2, American Fork
(801) 763-8887

Sixteen years ago, Tom Hunter began building his insurance company from the ground up. Armed with no experience, no clients and no staff, he skillfully wore the hats of president, founder, insurance agent and receptionist.

“I’m one of very few people who have started from scratch in this business and survived,” Tom says. “But when I started, I made up my mind that I was going to make it – and I have.”

With its expertise in group insurance policies and financial services, The Hunter Group has done more than survive. In fact, it has expertly achieved the balance between the power of a large company and the personalized service of a small one.

“A lot of people think you have to be this great big agency, but you don’t,” Tom says. “We do exactly what the big agencies do, but we do it on a personal level.”

Part of that customer service includes hard working employees and an emphasis on integrity.

“I don’t go out and steal business. I go out and earn business,” Tom says. “One thing we have done from day one is customer service. Without a customer we’re not going to make it. It’s our job to make their job easier.”

The Hunter Group specializes in health and life insurance, business insurance and financial services. It also provides business insurance for small and large employers that includes liability, property, auto and workers’ compensation.

But with the insurance business ever changing, Tom’s focus is on competitive rates and using his experience to provide customers with the best product and service available.

“It’s exciting to meet with business owners and provide them with a product that is beneficial for them and the growth of their business,” Tom says. “I always feel like I’m doing them a service that’s a benefit to them and their employees.”

To get instant quotes and learn more about The Hunter Group, or for a free financial analysis, visit

Financial Tip:

Anything worthwhile is worth doing right.


Arbonne International

(801) 361-6160

For GayeLynne Richards, independent consultant with Arbonne International, life is all about options.

As a former salon owner and hairdresser of 20 years, GayeLynne decided to realign her priorities and expand her options.

“I wanted to create something where I was in control of my time,” she says. “I wanted to work and make what I wanted based on my own efforts.”

GayeLynne wanted to contribute to the family income without neglecting her biggest priority – her family.

“A lot of Americans have debt,” she says. “I think that is where the stress and problems in a family setting come from. People are looking for options.”

The best option for GayeLynne is working with Arbonne International, a network marketing company specializing in pure Swiss skin care plus health and wellness products. She can set her own hours, work at her own pace and – most importantly – spend quality time with her children.

“I had to ask myself, am I spending time doing the things I want to do and creating a lifestyle that supports the choices most important to me?” she says. “I worked outside the home for many years. You miss a lot of firsts. If you’re there for your kids, that’s what they’re going to remember.”

A lot of women in Utah Valley are looking for ways to supplement the family budget without leaving home. People want an alternative in achieving financial security, but many live paycheck to paycheck.

GayeLynne advises women to do their homework before committing to employment. Many people don’t know what possibilities are available.

“They want to contribute and alleviate financial stress, and they’re looking for the ‘perfect job,’” GayeLynne says. “I have the opportunity that a lot of people would really enjoy.”

It’s all about finding the right fit, she says.

“Arbonne has been a great vehicle and a great fit for our family,” she says.

If you are interested in receiving free samples of Arbonne’s advanced Swiss skin care products, call (801) 361-6160 or visit

Financial Tip:

How can you contribute to your family financial plan and have important family time, too? Think about your financial backup plan and research possible options to maximize family time while adding to the household income.


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