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The Hatfields build a one-of-a-kind grandchild haven off of State Street.

The Hatfields’ unique home — complete with a gorilla on the roof — rests on a 14-acre fun-filled plot in Lindon near State Street.


Ron and Maurine Hatfield have created grandkid Shangri-La at their Lindon home.


While visiting Thailand, the Hatfields purchased bronze statues — such as the gorilla on the roof of the home — that can be seen around their property on the west side of State Street in Lindon.

The Hatfields’ 14-acre property, located just off State Street, consists of a large family-oriented home, a giant pavilion, a life-sized princess castle, a two-story witches cabin, playgrounds and sports courts.

“We call it a ‘princess castle’ because 27 of our 32 grandchildren are girls,” Ron says. “We’re due for a few boys around here.”

The dream for this haven began in 2003. While serving the last year of their LDS mission in Germany, Ron and Maurine envisioned how they could convert their Lindon property into the ideal place for grandchildren to play and visit.

Mission accomplished.


These faux-finished walls on the far side of the main room represent different areas of Germany and Holland that the Hatfields have either visited or lived in.

The couple’s unique and magical home has been mistaken for a city park and a commercial business zone. The layout and location of the home have intrigued so many passersby that the Hat-fields had to put out a sign declaring their home is “private property.”

The Home




The front living room of the Lindon home is designed and decorated similarly to a room in the Frankfurt Germany LDS temple.


This 6,000-square-foot room is used for family parties, wedding receptions and even the occasional class reunion. This room is directly above the Hatfields’ art gallery.

The Hatfields’ home, which is situated on the northeast section of the acreage, is 14,500 square feet and has only one bedroom.

The home boasts two 6,000-square-foot rooms, one on the main floor and one on the second floor.

Ron calls the room on the main floor his “Art Gallery.”


One of the most unique features of the Hatfields’ home is the 6,000-square-foot art gallery. The room consists of dozens of original works from local and national artists.

“When this room is finished we’ll have more than 600 art objects on display,” Ron says. “We’ll have everything from original paintings, limited edition prints, sculptures and models. We’ll have a lot of art on display that was completed by family members.”


Ron is quick to point out the art gallery is off limits to his grandchildren because many of the pieces are fragile.

The art gallery is comprised of three sections. Each section is separated with columns, moldings and ceiling murals, which were completed by local artist Mossimo Mati.

“Mossimo spent four years restoring paintings in Italy. He’s very accomplished at this type of work,” Ron says.

The 6,000-square-foot room on the second floor is grandchildren-friendly. This wide open room comes with a reception-center-style serving area, dance floor, children’s play room, bride room and plenty of storage for chairs and tables.

“We’ve hosted wedding receptions, class reunions and various church-related functions in this room,” Ron says. “Plus it’s a great place for family parties during inclement weather.”

On occasion the Hatfields will meet in the large room and watch movies on the oversized 12-foot drop-down screen.

“I have 27 granddaughters who will all be getting married one day,” Ron says. “I think we’re going to keep this room busy with wedding receptions.”

The Property


The surrounding property is the most popular with the grandchildren.

The Hatfields have positioned a large pavilion at the center of their property. “Moms have a clear view to check on their children wherever they might be playing. The pavilion is home base,” Ron says.


Because he cares for his grandkids’ happiness and comfort, Ron Hatfield built a large pavilion over the main play area, protecting the play equipment from extreme weather.

The remainder of the property consists of a quarter-mile track, basketball court, playground equipment, life-sized princess castle, witches cabin and many other activities.

“When the princess castle is finished we’ll have a dungeon, observation deck and flags lining center court,” Ron says.


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