Organize your efforts


It takes more than desire to eliminate chaos


In our November/December issue of Utah Valley Magazine, The Organization Place had a coupon for 25 percent off one item. I am fiercely loyal to our advertisers, so I clipped it out and headed over to their store on University Parkway to find the most promising item to get me organized — something I desperately need in both my work and home life.

I settled on a brown four-part tray made of leather and bamboo-like material. I envisioned pens and sticky pads neatly placed in each compartment.

Although I love the tray, it didn’t automatically transform my cluttered home office or my overflowing desk in the kitchen. I still had to do the work, including finding lids for Sharpies, identifying which scribbled lists to throw away and separating the rubber bands from the paper clips. After my items were organized, I vowed to keep it that way. And I thought I meant it, but pretty soon crumpled receipts and inkless pens started to take over again.

I truly want to be organized — and desire is the first step — but it takes more than that for organization to make it to the top of our priorities. It can require information, assistance and motivation to make and keep an organizational change in our lives.

After reading this issue — based on our theme of “Get Organized” — you’ll be ready to make a few changes.

You’ll be excited to create order with your photos, your food storage and your finances. And your closet? Let’s just say you are about to see the floor again if you follow our tricks and tips to maintaining your clothes.

You’ll also meet three brave readers who are willing to reveal their weight and their struggles with organizing their health. Throughout 2007, we’ll be checking in with them to see if their weight is down and their health is up.

The new year is a perfect time to focus on your physical well-being. Our annual section on medical profiles will introduce you to the local leaders in orthodontics, eye care, facilities and more.

No matter what’s on your organization-procrastination list, you’ll come away from this issue prepared to face the challenges. Just remember that you’ll still have to do the work. (Sigh.)


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