2007 Utah Valley Magazine Fitness Challenge


Our three fitness challengers have been busy losing themselves (and a few pounds) in the intense exercise and nutrition program we introduced in our January/February issue. Here are their updates.

By utahvalley360.com


Michael Banks, personal trainer and founder of Body by Banks

Our three challengers have had to adopt some severe lifestyle changes over the past two months. Once someone has committed to new exercise and eating habits, it’s easy for them to expect immediate results. Because each person’s body is as unique as their fingerprints, people experience success at different rates.

We’ve been focusing lately on celebrating “the natural you,” which I define as a highly functional, healthy and attractive body that fully supports your aspirations in life, regardless of age. It’s not all about the weight loss — it’s truly about transforming your body to a physique that allows you to achieve the quality of life you desire.


Rachelle Waite 

– Lost 17 pounds, 3 inches

City: Lehi • Occupation: Fifth grade curriculum consultant

Starting Weight: 218 • Current Weight 201


This hasn’t been an easy, cake-walk four months. I have to fight for it every day, and it’s hard! Food is definitely the hardest part. I love potatoes — I’m an Idaho girl — and I haven’t had one for four months. I’ve given up things I love, and I want the results now for doing that. It doesn’t happen that way, unfortunately.

I am looking skinnier and getting compliments on my baggy pants. Every time the pounds go down, I want to do a little jig right there on the scale. Going down in clothes sizes is huge to me — I love to shop, and it’s exciting to fit into smaller sizes.


Shannon Macgillivray 

– Lost 5 pounds

City: Provo • Occupation: Mom and personal shopper

Starting Weight: 157 • Current Weight 152


The core of a person is the natural being. The “natural you” can include so many different aspects of life, not just figure and weight. I’m a busy mother of two little boys, so it’s important for me to be happy with my natural self. This fitness program provides a healthy lifestyle and creates ways for me to live a more energized and positive life.


Rich Brunt 

– Lost 22 pounds, 7 percent body fat

City: Springville • Occupation: Novell support engineer

Starting Weight: 256 • Current Weight 234


The last month has been a roller coaster. My family took a vacation to Disneyland, and I put a few pounds back on but came back ready to recommit.

I’ve been playing racquetball twice a week, which is a great source of exercise. As I’ve lost weight, I’ve noticed a big difference in my endurance to run around the court. Sports are a big part of my life and a big motivation.


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