Family Time



And we’re not talking small quantities

By Jeanette W. Bennett

I should have written this column weeks ago, but I was too busy filling prescriptions for my 3-year-old’s ear infection, searching for my 9-year-old’s baseball cleats and listening to my 7-year-old’s full-length musical — replete with costumes and “stage dives” into the LoveSac.

And I won’t even tell you about my 1-year-old — let’s just say she has strong opinions about shoes and apple juice.

Family — it’s about time. A lot of time. That is not a complaint but a fact.

Whether your life is full of volunteer work or reality TV, it is still family that fills in the time gaps. And in our area of the world, Family First is not just a credit union — it’s a way of life.

In Utah County we have large families (see page 82 to read about the Olsens), we have busy families (see page 80 to read about the Doussetts) and we have families who subscribe to the philosophy of “if we run together we will stay together” (see page 62 to read about the Millers).

If your family is looking for ways to turn off the TV and make memories, then post our three-month calendar on your fridge — next to the workchart, spelling test and expired coupon for a family pizza special. This issue gives you plenty of photo-opp ideas for your family scrapbook.

This magazine will also have you applauding 14 of our valley’s high-achieving teenagers (raised in supportive families). If you want to catch a glimpse of the world’s bright future, talk to a high schooler — or better yet, text them.

These teenagers’ parents are proud, but they don’t hold a candle to young parents who adore their newest additions — which makes our annual Cutest Kids Contest our postman’s favorite time of the year. We should send his wife and kids to one of our “Just For Families” hot spots (pages 91-98) to celebrate his back-breaking achievements.

We hope your household will enjoy all 132 pages of our annual Family issue.

Family may be about time but that doesn’t mean you can’t pass some of it with some family-friendly reading.


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