2008 Utah Valley Magazine Fitness Challenge


On March 1, our three fitness challenge participants turned over a healthy new leaf. With help from their individual trainers, they are losing weight, eating right and finding their best selves. Sherri, Scott and Stephanie share their thoughts after the first two months of our fitness challenge.


Sherri Tomlinson

starting weight  193 pounds      current weight  186 pounds

starting body fat  42%           current body fat  39%

lost 3 inches at the waist


If this was all about weight loss I would be a tad frustrated, but since it’s about fitness I am feeling great. I feel stronger and have so much more endurance than I did two months ago.

My 11-plus-minute miles are now down to 9:30. I can easily run for an hour straight — the same goes for biking and swimming, but I still need to work on my speed.

My eating habits are 180 degrees from how I used to eat. In the past I would buy big bags of veggies at Costco and three fourths of the bag would go bad in the “rotter” drawer of the fridge. Not anymore. I am much more creative with my fruits and veggies, and the whole family is enjoying the change.

Coach Keena

Keena Schaerrer

(801) 427.3808





Scott Crockett

starting weight  290 pounds  current weight  276 pounds

starting body fat  28% current body fat  24%

starting fat mass  82 current fat mass  67

What a difference some small changes can make to a weight loss program. Working out with weights is not new to me, but the method Dan suggested is. I used to lift as much weight as fast and as many times as possible. I would do the same lifts hoping that repetition would build strength and muscle. Frequently I would plateau and not experience increase for weeks.

Under the new system, four times a week I complete predesigned workouts without repeating any lift during the week. The unusual part for me is that Dan changes the number of reps and sets each week. Slowing down the reps and increasing the number of reps and sets reduces the quantity of weight lifted, but surprisingly I feel stronger.

My daughter, Allie, is my comic relief. She is so curious and wants to be part of everything I’m doing. She lifts her weights and loves to do her workouts. She not only makes me laugh, but often adds to the intensity of my “core” lifts. I quivered like a leaf the first time I did forearm bridges, but now my daughter Allie slides down my back while I do them. She calls it going down her slide! I would love to be as unbending as a slide but am nowhere close yet. Hopefully Allie will develop some good habits while she is young so that she will take much better care of herself than her “old man.”

Total Health and Fitness

Dan Wilcox

(801) 762-6207




Stephanie Shurian

starting weight  198 pounds      current weight  189 pounds

starting body fat  41% current body fat  39%

lost 3.5 inches at the waist


During the first workout with Zac I thought I was going to die. It was so hard! I thought I was crazy for signing up for this. Zac had me do sit-ups on the ball and I could only do two — I was mortified. After having a C-section I had no muscles in my stomach. But now I know I’m getting stronger. Zac is increasing the workouts and gradually getting tougher with me.

I wear a bodybugg armband that monitors me all day long and makes it so easy to keep track of how many calories I burn. On the online software program you log how much you weigh, your body fat and measurements, and everything you eat, and it tells you if you exceed your target or miss your goal. It’s taken some good and bad days, but I’ve gotten to the point where I’m eating what I like and I’m not starving.


Energy Explosion

Zac Price

(801) 602-7057



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