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Politics and fabulous

Politics isn’t black and white

I’m writing to comment on “The Elephant in the Room,” which was published in the January/February issue of Utah Valley Magazine.

My disappointment was with the presentation of only two political parties. I would like to change this view with the World’s Smallest Political Quiz (www.theadvocates.org/quiz.html). My hope is that everyone becomes more aware of the options. It’s not all black and white in politics.

Dan Smith


Thanks for the ‘fabulous’ label

Thank you for recognizing Kent in your list of 50 Fabulous in the March/April issue. I’ve always thought he was fabulous, and you tickled his heart to be mentioned among such admirable people. We do live in a remarkable valley. I appreciate and know more about its greatness thanks to you.

Richelle Andersen

Wife of Kent Andersen, Chef’s Table





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