2008 Utah Valley Magazine Fitness Challenge


It’s summertime and the heat is on for Sherri, Scott and Stephanie. Here are their updates on the halfway point of our fitness challenge.


Scott Crockett LOST 24 POUNDS

starting weight  290 pounds

current weight  266 pounds

starting body fat  28%

current body fat  17%

starting fat mass  85

current fat mass  45

I want to share a big change in this weight loss experience — food intake. In past programs, I believed if I wasn’t hungry, I wasn’t dieting. As you can see in the photo of one day’s food consumption, not only am I eating, I’m eating quite well. Each meal consists of small portions, but I am eating three times as many meals as before. At first, eating all the meals each day was difficult, but now I get very hungry if I miss one.

Each week Dan and I meet and adjust the meals. It is really nice to tell him what I want to eat and have him design each day’s meals. Dan has introduced me to some great snacks and meals with great nutritional values. Being able to eat things with some sugar in them has definitely added to my ability to remain true to the eating regimen.

Anyone who knows me knows how vital a lifeline my wife, Candice, is to me. Not only is she the best thing that ever happened to our home, but her support and dedication to buying the food and helping me prepare it each day has simplified the process for me. As in most things, it is always easier to obtain a goal if you can work with a team. Lucky for me, Candice has decided to implement Dan’s suggestions and we are both enjoying the results. Hopefully these changes will lead to us sitting in our patio swing together at 95. Yet another reason I love her.


Sherri Tomlinson LOST 16 POUNDS


starting weight  193 pounds

current weight  177 pounds

starting body fat  42%

current body fat  36%

lost 11 inches overall, 5 waistline inches

I’ve set some new goals: Run a 5k in 24 minutes by December. Run the St. George Marathon in less than four hours. Be at or below 160 pounds by December.

It’s going to be a hard road the next six months, but I know I can do it.

For now, I feel accomplished and excited in the triathlon world. I can tell it will be a new passion for me. I’ve completed two tri races since April and loved them both. Now I need to switch gears to train for the marathon.

The most success so far has been getting out the door at 5 a.m. to work out. It helps in amazing ways to know that someone is waiting for me. I wish I had the inner drive to ride my bike for two hours or swim a mile on my own, but that’s not the case. What I do have is a growing number of friends who are looking to train. It has been an incredible process in finding committed people who count on me. I’ve started running the trails in our mountains with a very patient friend, and I’m loving every second of it. My quads are still burning from our three-hour mountain run yesterday morning — a kind of “burn” I will take any day!


Stephanie Shurian LOST 13 POUNDS


starting weight  198 pounds

current weight  185 pounds

starting body fat  41%

current body fat  38%

lost 4.5 waistline inches


Well, so far so good. My weight is down. My measurements are down. I’m wearing a smaller size. I’m really enjoying my workouts with Zac. I love my body bugg. And my wedding ring almost fits!

I’ve noticed that a lot of people want to be healthy and fit but don’t know where to start. Exercise is so much more fun when you have someone to do it with. A lot of friends and family have gotten excited about weight loss and exercise since I started this program. Several of my friends have started working out with Zac. I invited a friend (pictured walking with me) to come to the gym and try it out — now she shares my workouts, and it is so much fun. We recently spent a week at Lake Powell, so Zac put together a workout we could do on the houseboat. Shelly and I rounded up all the girls on the boat and played personal trainer. Best of all — we didn’t gain any weight on vacation.

I am much more active overall than I was a year ago, and my family really likes it. My kids love to swim and take walks with me. I’m setting a better example for my children by preparing healthy meals and exercising regularly. That makes me feel like all this hard work is really worth it.

I’ve learned that weight loss is no magical thing. If you burn more calories than you eat, you lose weight. The best way to do that is to get moving. An hour workout at the gym burns calories, but so does a walk around the block with your children. So get out and take advantage of the beautiful summer weather.  Grab your kids and take a bike ride. Call a neighbor and go for an early morning walk. It feels good, and it’s fun when you have someone to share it with. UV



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