A Girly Ratio


Meet the dozen women behind the glossy pages

By Jeanette W. Bennett

Twelve women. Four men.

That’s three-to-one odds you’ll hear high heels click-clacking down the hall. Three-to-one odds the lunch spot will be Rumbi instead of Wendy’s. And three-to-one odds you’ll hear a (very professional) giggle in a staff meeting.

At our magazine publishing company, the women are unapologetically female, and the men are unapologetically male. But the true beauty of our female-heavy corporate culture is the lack of “unapologies.” Each colleague — male or female — works hard and does his or her part. There just happens to be more “hers.”

On the women’s side, the staff is made up of mothers, marrieds and singles. They love story-inspiring locals, stellar advertising clients and a well-crafted pun. They love swapping stories about their in-laws and complimenting cute shoes. They love what they do, and who they do it with. Which makes work feel like women’s play.

But scheduling this photo shoot of ourselves? Now that’s work. We had to tiptoe around carpools, interviews, college classes and hair appointments. But once we named a time and put it in our respective iPhones and BlackBerrys, we were ready to smile with our black shirts and jeans. We even managed to stop talking for a nano-second while one of “the four” snapped the photo.

With this being our annual women’s issue, I wanted to share my work sisters with you. I love being the editor of Utah Valley Magazine, but I’m not always comfortable being the face. As any of our 27 women in business (page 71) will tell you, a business is not a one-man operation — a one-woman, maybe, but not a one-man. Bennett Communications is no exception.

Each page of Utah Valley Magazine (and our sister publications of Utah Valley BusinessQ, Utah Valley Bride and Utah Valley Parade of Homes) is put together by a village of females I can’t live without.

We have Roxanne to schmooze the entire county, Briana to love BusinessQ into existence each quarter, Ashley to write amazing packages for Utah Valley Magazine, Shelley to coordinate the advertisements and to screen calls for me (sorry, Aflac!), Jessica to design anything with polka dots, Kristy to keep our clients happy, Amanda to compile the ever-popular community calendar, and Tracy/Stacy/Allison/Ali to find and service our loyal advertising clients.

But it’s not all “girl power” around here. You will, in fact, hear our high heels click-clacking in Wendy’s from time to time.

And that one’s for the boys.



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